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Sorry for not replying to all the comments and all. I've been absent too long and coming back to vector will be very difficult knowing that i haven't touched Illustrator since... *check my last post* OH SHEET!! 2014!? Guess i'll have a lot of work in front of me before returning. I already targeted some backgrounds to vector so, stay tuned for new updates soon.
First, thank you very much for using my vectors (backgrounds and characters). I'm somewhat disconnected from this site for a long moment, though i have some vector projects to start and to finish. Now, here some things that i have to say:

- Every watcher will receive a llama. it's my way to thank you for the watch.
- If you comment on my main page, you will also receive a llama
- If you're using one of my vectors, don't forget to mention me in your description by using : iconcloudshadezer0 :, : devcloudshadezer0 :, or : thumb473414215 : for one of my pictures. Using these codes will bring me to your deviation, causing me to leave you a nice comment X)
- There is no need to leave me a comment with a link of your deviation. Just do the thing above. 

Well, that's all.