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Canterlot Curio Shop Alley

It's not raining, ponies. you can go to the curio shop where you can find the Alicorn Amulet and murder everypony you'll find... to the condition you're a unicorn or an alicorn.

From the episode "Magic Duel".
requested by the #MLP-VectorClub.

named according another version of this sinister decor found on the MLP Wikia, this alley took me very long to vector due to the major details such as the ground (which ended up as being the last element to vector) for example. some elements have been fixed, like the barrel on the right: he had some strange yellow light on the side of the window, probably the window light...

AI file: [link]

© Hasbro

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Hello, is it possible to get another link for the Ai file? The one in the description doesn't seem to work Oops emote 
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I used your vector: here
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Thnaks for making this, used here:…
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OMG! They reused this background in the show! It's in both Magic Duel and Twilight's Kingdom!
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that's what i noticed, indeed. and this surprised me.
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Excellent vector work, nice perspective for those DRAMATIC moments.
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You know what this reminds me to? The cover of the game, Vampire: Bloodlines.

Now all we need is to add Rarity, some effects to make it darker and a shadow of somepony. :lol:
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Used and gived credit :D  Check it out :3 I hope u like it :$…
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I can just imagine the prologue of an imaginary movie where it starts with an evil dinosaur kings getting the unicorn amulet.
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Maybe it's odd.Hairy Skull Headbang right Hairy Skull Headbang right Hairy Skull Headbang right 
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I know you specifically specified noncommercial, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask if I can use your background on one of my prints?
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