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We will censor it

YESM! My new dA ID!

~FallenWolf05: Thanks for this idea :la:

No warning due to OVER CENSOR'ISM
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Missy83's avatar it uncensored then next time <3
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You're welcome :meow:
[sarcasm]It's not like you give me about half of my ideas for comics or whatever[/sarcasm] :iconimhappyplz: <- I think I might be overusing this one. Can you even overuse it? XD
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Oh my, how could I? Like, Rakuhn was fully your idea.

Yes, you can! But I think this would be called icon-rape or so xD
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Will try and color that one once I've got myself some photoshop again. And some motivation. Maybe. D:

Rape sounds good- erm, I mean let's not do that.