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Ellastacia - ID 64

ID: # 64
Name: Ellastacia
Breed: Cavitto
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 years
Path: Owner Decides
Power: Partial Invisibility
Color: Silver Blue Roan Skyfire Fallen Stardust
Genotype: Ee/aa/RR/ZZ/Pnv/FslFsl/SyfiSyfi
Registry: Yes
Guardian: Not yet
Secondary powers: Not yet
Path-Wings: Not yet

Breeding: :bulletred: Closed :bulletred:
Pure Cavitto stallions only.

1. ReQuay For kicking ass in the group Scavenger Hunt
2. Cariannarz
3. orasteele - Trades <3
4. VAngelLJ 

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Registration: + 1


It was a curious thing, the Fall. Some went kicking and screaming, begging their gods and goddess for saving that would never come. Some spread wings that withered and fell away even as they did. A few tried to use their magic to climb back up the weathered sides of mount Olympus. Tears and cries of rage and the absolute desperation that came with being ripped from their homes filled the air, and were just as quickly torn away by the wind. Then there was Ellastacia. A vocal, quick thinking mare with a smart tongue that often got her in trouble with the gods, Fell silently. Wind tore at her hide as though threatening to rip it right off. The stars whispered apologies in her ears and gathered around her, their light forcing her to close her eyes as Olympus vanished from view. The sky was dark, lightening at the edges of the world as the sun crept toward rising, and even it did its very best to aid her.

And so it was that she landed unharmed, stars clinging to her coat and clouds to her feet. The sky's embrace lingered on her coat and though she tried, it wouldn't wash off. No matter how hard she shook her feathered feet, the clouds clung still. The surrounding meadow was quiet except for the mare's labored breathing. Had she done something to cause this? Who had she offended recently? Everyone? Damn. She tossed her head, mane flying about her face. Who needed them anyway?

But the dreams came shortly after. Zeus's voice rumbled loud enough in her head to cause a headache, and Hades...well, he never failed to make her skin crawl with the way he tried to smooth talk his way into getting what he wanted. How was she supposed to decide? And why was she out here so entirely alone? Though they had fallen together, few appeared to have actually landed near one another. And one stallion in particular...she had seen him shortly before the ground had split, arguing with his brother, who constantly seemed to be having a bad hair day. Or a good one, she could never quite tell. Where was he?

Where was Rohan?


Lame story is lame, I'm sorry xD I've been thinking about her quite a bit but she's stubborn, and I just realized I never really wrote anything for Rohan, so I'll have to fix that sometime in the future. She's a stubborn one, this girl, but I love her lots. Except for that her design makes me kick myself. Damn clouds, why are you so hard to draw? :stare: this is the very first piece entirely drawn on my new tablet as well, so it is doubly special :heart: no references for anything so I know there are some anatomy mistakes but I don't even care. Also hair. She has it. Mmmmhmmmm. :eyes:

So critique on the anatomy please xD no references :dummy: though I may change the way I do the fallen stardust glitter in the future because the way I do it is ridiculously hard to replicate. And also dumb. So. That might happen.


Cavitto Custom Discovery ID 64 by Cloudrunner64
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