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Rodent Love Stamp

I've made quite a number of dog breed stamps, but I definately had to make a rodent stamp. Before you lots tear me apart and say this photograph is the work of *Emielcia . I know. I purchased it from her account at Shutterstock. So all is right in the world.

If you want to know how to display this stamp full of Rodent goodness on your Deviantart page please refer here - [link]

And as always more stamps are located in my Scraps area.
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kittenpixel's avatar
gotta love them! i love my hamster with all my heart ;3
SixtiesSuperstar's avatar
Rodents are great!  My hamster is the cutest thing!
TwiddleTwist's avatar
Love those guinea pigs!guinea pig emoji  
BleedingPascal's avatar
Cats? Dogs? Who need them? RODENTS ARE BEST PETS!!!
RegnoArt's avatar
When they escape and leave shit all over your silverware! :D
WEBHACK's avatar
why would they be in your silverware in the first place unless they are wild. 
RegnoArt's avatar
They can get into anywhere, believe me.
CandyCluster's avatar
Heh, I love rodents. Especially chinchillas. Little Pixel Heart   
BobClampettFan164's avatar
I love rodents too!
Especially mice! :)
sfaber95's avatar
Rats all the way:)
everyday-im-wumboing's avatar
i love all rodents but my favorites are guinea pigs and gerbils.
galaxycaptain's avatar
I love mice and rats the best :3
Ember5hero's avatar
I love rodents I have 2 pet male rats! (:
ParanoiaSlave's avatar
I had 2 bunnies and my BFF has hamsters. I would love to have rat or/and mouse C:
amberclaw66's avatar
I heart rodents at the moment Mice but I don't think of guinea pigs after what happen.
8Li's avatar
Hamsters, guniea pig, rabbits, and chinchillas I've had them all. :iconpurpleheartplz:
Meowrail's avatar
cute and cuddly rodents arent the only rodents in the world, you know.
what about rats? mice? dont care about them, do you? only the cute ones like every other kid
doggieoh's avatar
rats and mice are cuddly and adorable too! ;o;

thats what i think at least
Sivsi's avatar
I second that! They're some of the most cuddly I've ever had <3
rosiEwoLF47310's avatar
ME TOO! even tho apperently its frowned upon for females to like rodents! BUT SCREW THAT! I LUV EM!
Meowrail's avatar
do you even know what youre saying
nowhere in the world does anyone frown upon females who like rodents,
you're not a special snowflake because you like them. i do too, and no one has ever ~frowned upon~ me
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