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My Bio

aro/ace, genderfluid/nonbinary, they/she/he

Name's Cloud-I love video games and making art based on said video games, but I also love making art based on my own OCs and worlds.

Favourite Visual Artist
Gigi D.G.
Favourite Movies
Into the Spider-Verse
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar: The Last Airbender, DuckTales, Gravity Falls
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
They Might Be Giants, Queen, The Oh Hellos
Favourite Books
Warriors, Harry Potter are childhood favorites
Favourite Games
Explorers of Sky, Pokemon in general, Zelda, Dragon Quest, Animal Crossing, World of Warcraft, Wandersong, Mother series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Pencils
Other Interests
The McElroy Brothers random ass doodles

Pokemon Black Notes

Pokemon Black Notes

okay i took some really bad notes at times tbh??? JUST FILL IN MISSING PARTS WITH W/E I GUESS??? -named player character Rebecca -starter: female Snivy named Azula -caught a male Lilipup on Route 1 named Sokka, Azula’s partner -caught male Purrloin named Zuko on Route 2 -got male Panpour named Bato as gift Pokèmon at Dreamyard -VS. Chili -team: Azula (Snivy) ⚭ Sokka (Lilipup) Bato (Panpour) (Lone wolf) Zuko (Purrloin) (Lone wolf) -used Azula and Sokka -Azula fought Lilipup just fine -Sokka fought Pansear just fine BADGES SO FAR: 1 -continue on to Route 3 to catch female Pidove named Yue, Zuko’s partner -went back to the Dreamyard and caught a female Patrat named Kyoshi, Bato’s partner -trained everyone -fought some Team Plasma and caught a female Woobat named Kya, first Pokèmon to PC -Azula and Sokka evolved into Servine and Herdier on the way to Nacrene -Zuko and Yue fought N, close battle -trained everyone to level 20, with Kyoshi and Zuko evolving into Watchog and Liepard -went

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hollis can't hear the haters as he has no ears im proud of him

cloudpool88Student Digital Artist

ears? who needs 'em

cloudpool88Student Digital Artist

hello yes that is me :>

Happy birthday and Happy New Year to you, and enjoy this video AKA HOW NOT TO PLAY RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2:

not to be ollie or anything but

cloudpool88Student Digital Artist

my child