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hghghgh i ran out of core i beg for it back

ummm i can literally do anything u want. just not too much like... . 5+ painted fullbodies lmao.
can do customs too.

looking for any amt of core, to one month, to three or even a year if your that willing to.(if your willing to give 1year core id rather have the points)

if u want smth exact look at my commissions - 2019 - open

art examples:  become one, won't you? by cloudny4n The Wall (rain world) by cloudny4n its nice in the citylife... by cloudny4n welcome to the melty land by cloudny4n i said- by cloudny4n

its way past my bed time by cloudny4n i'll blow your mind by cloudny4n murphy by cloudny4n

customs/adopt examples: Icecream Gorl - OPEN OTA by cloudny4n The horror that lurked in the past - DESIGN ENTRY by cloudny4n Ice or fire? - OPEN OTA/FLATSALE by cloudny4n Heartface - CLOSED OTA by cloudny4n Quite a Bunch of Lads - OPEN FLATSALE ADOPTS by cloudny4n
A bunch of boys - CLOSED OTAS by cloudny4n Galaxy Grower - open ota/flatsale by cloudny4n Hologram Eye Beast - CLOSED OTA/AUCTION by cloudny4n
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February 23


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