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A little Tumblr thingy I did today...

[EDIT] It seems that this is my most popular deviation here, since it has approx. 40 faves =w= Just to let you guys know, in case you guys want to post this on your Tumblr or anything, I changed my Tumblr name to universeinmyhands. So um, if you guys don't mind, I'll just edit the URL at the bottom =w=

[YET ANOTHER EDIT] Okay, I abandoned my other account, and now have a new tumblr :P It's btw.

[AND JUST ONE MORE (May 1st 2012)]
I'll be honest with you guys, but I'm just really, REALLY surprised to see that this is my most popular artwork out of my whole gallery. Seriously. No joke. I just created this out of sheer boredom, and well, 2 years after posting this, I'm still genuinely surprised at how popular it is :O

You guys really deserve a pat on the back! :)

Oh and just on another note, since there's heaps of comments on this artwork, I, unfortunately, won't get to reply to most of them since I just came from a long deviantART break, but hey, I am reading each one of them!
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Good thing I never became part of it.