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page 56 revisited

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I'm not usually process-oriented, as in "Here's the pencil! Here's the ink! Oooh, look, I colored it!" But on the other hand once I "edit deviation" all the pages with Molly's scabbord on her right hip to make it be on her left hip, all traces of the error are gone, except for our discussion of this.

Most of the time, this just involves moving the sword and knife, or replacing one with the other in side views, but on page 56, panel D, she's actually putting the sword away, and this required a new drawing.

So here, the first panel shows the original drawing. Note the numbers on the bars. I did this to make sure the lock and Molly's cuts/melts were always the same.
The layer of background bars was added later.

The second panel shows the finished panel as it's been since spring, 2008. Obviously I was still trying to figure out how Molly would place her arm to do this. It can be done, but it's awkward.

The third panel shows the new drawing I made last night. See, you guys were right. This is easier. Molly's expression looks a bit different because her eyes are looking a different direction.

And the fourth panel shows the finished panel as it is now. I've finished changing pages 54-58— these were harder than most because of the overlapping bars in the jail background. 

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Gotta admit is looks a lot more natural that way.