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Molly Blue rough pencil page 1

By cloudmonet
So, continuing the ten-year celebration of my Molly Blue comic, this is where the story began. Sometime before September 26, 2007, I drew seven pages of comic, rather roughly, as a proof-of-concept. As you can see by comparing this to the finished page 1.…, I did a lot of redrawing before I inked, and honestly, even more redrawing in the years between the initial upload on November 1, 2007, and now. And you wouldn't believe how hard it was to make this incredibly faint and smudged pencil drawing look legible.

I guess one additional purpose for presenting these might be to show that, hey, once you've got something like this, it isn't really THAT much more work to make it really nice.

Also compare to watercolor version: 1.…

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