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Molly Blue pencil 99C

By cloudmonet
February 8, 2009.

So after a bunch of travels and adventures, Molly and her friends find themselves in the middle of a sitcom! Eleanor and her sisters add a completely new dimension to the story even before Molly wakes up. For anyone who's new to the story, That's Eleanor on the left with a soda, Emily in the middle, and Ethel on the right. Emily has Emily Dickenson's face, Kim Possible's breasts, and her hair resembles Darth Vader's helmet. Ethel just looks like a little girl Harpo Marx, and as for Eleanor— I fell so in love with Eleanor's design that at the time I wished I'd made Molly look like that! But this look worked very well with Eleanor's personality.

So, Eleanor wants to get married so she doesn't have to continue sharing a hut with her grouchy bossy older sister, Earlene. This without having anybody in mind! Emily and Ethel want to get the chores done as quickly as possible so they can eat breakfast. Elanor's father, Evan, wants to find a husband for Earlene, or Eleanor, not to move them away, but to get this hypothetical husband's help with farm labor. Not that these girls aren't strong enough to manage this themselves. So naturally they mistake Molly's slacker ex-boyfriend Kohimu for a suitor. Is this a sitcom or is this a sitcom? I didn't think of it this way at the time, but, it totally is. Cue the laugh track. This is parental manipulation at it's finest!

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