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Molly Blue pencil 78

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July 13-14, 2008. When a bunch of people go somewhere in a car (or van), they pass through a landscape and talk to each other, or at least this is common. But it's not something you often see in comics, unless the car is an open convertible. Once I had more people than just Molly and Willy, showing everybody I wanted to show inside the car got tricky. There's only a few angles where they don't block each other, or get blocked by part of the car. So I usually have something like this front view, and two side views that show everyone in profile. Which means the road and the rest of the background have to match the angle of the car. 

In general, the van is one drawing, the people inside the van a second drawing, and then the background drawn last (to fit the car). The last panel is two drawings, inside the van and outside.

What we see here is two people who know each other very well, don't agree about much, and are trying to avoid an escalating argument. More and more, Molly's looking away from Kohimu. It doesn't tell you exactly how or why they broke up, but it's easy to imagine this happening.

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