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Molly Blue pencil 66A

By cloudmonet
June 14, 2008. This picture is actually three drawings put together— the background, Molly and Pina Ao running, and Rupert and Kohimu running. The original drawing of Molly is only about 3 1/2 inches tall, and Rupert and Kohimu even smaller. When I make a scene like this now, I would draw the figures about 7 inches tall and reduce them. That said, I always liked this running Molly, even if she is a bit "off-model." Note that her scabbord is on the wrong hip. The pencils from this period are all gonna be this way. I fixed this on the finished pages, long after I first uploaded them, when someone noticed this was wrong, unless Molly was left-handed, which she is not. The page 56D pencil discusses this. 

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