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Molly Blue pencil 37 Tom's Living Room

By cloudmonet
So here’s a pencil of Tom James’ living room, and a computer-drawn view of the same scene. Both are one point perspective. Why do they look different?

My problem with this type of scene always was, what about the third dimension, in and out? Just what kind of shape is a square laying on the floor?

I’d try to determine this experimentally by taking a square object like a record album cover, and measuring what shape it appeared to be with a transparent ruler.

Notice the squares on the floor of the pencil room are all the same shape. That’s not right. It does make it possible to shift furniture forward and back without changing the shape (only the size), but this isn’t how a room really looks.

Now this is something I just figured out recently, in the name of Lady Miriam’s mansion. If I’m looking straight at the rear wall, let’s say I’m thirty feet away. Well, a picture plane 15 feet away from me, half as far, should look twice as big as the back wall. And a picture plane 10 feet away, a third as far, should look three times as big.

So I made a floor plan of the room and worked from that. The closeup drawings were consistent, so I used them as a guide to placing objects. The stairway must be opposite the front door. The stairway is not eight or nine feet wide! The fern (or is it a palmetto?) is over Tom’s left shoulder (to the right of him in the drawings. Molly is underneath the left edge of the window.

There’s three colored vertical lines. That’s so I can line up the series of rectangles (only the smallest one is visible) to be centered on (1) the red line, the left half of the room, like the pencil, and the last panels of pages 37 and 43, (2) the green line, the center of the room, like the first panel of page 38 and the center panel of page 42, and (3) the magenta line, the center of the rug, like the first panel of page 41.

One more thing about the pencil: What was I thinking, putting a fireplace in Tom’s living room? Good grief! There’s nowhere on Kauiki that anyone would have any use for such a thing! You’d want to cook on a small stove or outdoors on a barbeque or some such thing, and you don’t need or want heat!

Notice the dogs are doing something different on each of these panels. These details enliven a scene.

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