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Molly Blue pencil 33A

By cloudmonet
November 22, 2007

And here's my second background, a shopping district. The "Dave's Fine Food" building, the biggest on the left side of the street, was based on a storefront in downtown Lahaina on Maui. Actually there's two very similar buildings next to each other there. The other buildings were designed to look similar. The "broccoli tree" was an invention. I just wanted a big, dramatic tree unlike anything seen previously. Incidently, this drawing is flipped to match the finished page. The street had to be at the proper angle to match Willy's VW, and I drew this so that it matched up if he was driving on the right side of the road, like America, rather than on the left, like Molly's fictional world and much of ours. I have a lot of trouble distinguishing right and left. I keep putting stop signs on the wrong side of the street, sword scabbords on the wrong hip, right handed people using their left hands to hold spoons or pens, stuff like that. 

These Hanatoa backgrounds are also unusual in that I drew them mostly freehand. Future buildings will all be drawn with rulers, and eventually, on the computer. I continue to do my inking freehand, though. It gives the entire drawing a consistency it wouldn't have if I inked with a ruler or just used computer-drawn lines. 

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