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Molly Blue pencil 20A

By cloudmonet
Earliest November 2007

I was very surprised to find that the left panel existed this way as a single drawing. It doesn't even appear like I traced the background from any other drawing, because I should still have this background drawing if I did. It looks like I drew the figures first, then the trees and ferns, with very little erasing or anything, and the word balloons were still part of the drawing. The fern to the left of the big tree isn't in the finished panel. This isn't cropped. The drawing goes to the edge of the paper.

The other drawing was the first closeup portrait of Molly that I liked enough to recycle. A variant recently appeared as the top middle panel on page 1253. In fact, preparing this pencil gave me the idea. It's not an expression Molly shows very often, but it was perfect for the situation.

This page shows the limitations of drawing the pencils the size of the inks. What if the drawing has to be extended, or cropped, or (as in this case) a bit of both?  And of course, whenever I drew somebody small, the head got proportionately too big for the body, and the eyes too big for the head.  Now I would just draw Willy big and shrink him, like, for example, the guards in the background of the top panel of page 1243.

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