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Molly Blue ink 34A

By cloudmonet
November 26, 2007

If I can direct your attention to page 34,…, the top panel is a pretty amazing image, especially compared to everything seen in Molly Blue up to this point. How did I do it? The short answer is layers.

There is no surviving pencil drawing of Mayor Tom James’ house. I inked the building right on the original pencil, and scribbled a bunch of trees and hedges around this, then traced the whole drawing again in ink on a separate piece of paper, as if it were the pencil, as I did until page 48.

What was different was that I inked the background and figures separately, then combined them in Photoshop Elements, something I only did for the more complex panels of pages 34-45. Once I got away from Tom James’ fence, I never did this again.

So this inked background, with Molly, Pina Ao, and the dogs Growler and Mangler added, became the bottom panel of page 35.

But then I separated the various elements of this drawing, and put them on separate layers, which enabled me to shift the viewpoint slightly to one side. The house is centered on the gate, and Willy has to park so as not to block the gate.

This image shows you the various ink layers of the first panel on page 34.
1. The main house and background trees.
2. The balcony and five arch arcade.
3. The center entranceway and palm trees.
4. The hedge and limo.
5. The fence and gate.
6. The VW with Willy, Molly, Pina, and Freud inside.

7. The original inked drawing of all this, centered.

Compare to:
34.… Parked at the mayor’s house
35.… Climbing the fence

Previous pencil 33A.… Hanatoa stores
Next 37A.… Entrance arches

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