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Molly Blue Pencil 23A

By cloudmonet
November 5-6, 2007

It didn't take me that many pages to reach panels that I just COULDN'T draw in one piece, and Molly's confrontation with the lava flow imps was that page. It took four drawings to make the first panel. On the upper left, Molly and Willy riding the front two-thirds of the giant lizard. Molly is right-handed, so I flipped this drawing so the club would be in her right hand. On the upper upper right, my first attempt at drawing the imps with spears surrounding her. I composed a scene with these figures in the computer, doubling up on one of the imps to make four by flipping one horizontal. I printed this scene out and traced it onto another piece of paper to improve the imps, as seen lower upper right. Somehow I forgot their goatees, which I added when I inked this. I now knew I was zoomed in on them and only needed their upper bodies. So now with all these elements combined, the last step was drawing the lizard's rear end and the rocks of the lava flow, as shown in the bottom panel, which was (sort of) the fourth drawing. Note that I'm still not drawing a separate background, just sketching something in behind and around the figures.

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