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Molly Blue 51

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But.... Molly, blows to the back of the head can be deadly.... i have a cousin who got in a fenderbender at 5 mph, and he's got partial numbness, vision problems.... he's just not the same person anymore.

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Molly's a professional. Don't try this at home.

Knocking people unconscious is a staple of fiction, but devilishly difficult to do safely. This is why anesthesiologists get paid so much. And why phasers set to "stun" would be so convenient.

I could fudge this by saying the demon club has special properties. Molly has sent imps flying through the air, tamed a 20 foot lizard, and now knocked out two cops with it. Perhaps these issues will be explored in some future conversation about the club. At least one such discussion is inevitable for other reasons.
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I did fudge this! Page 337 [link] does pretty much make a demon club behave like a phaser set on stun.