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Map of Kauiki

By cloudmonet
Update, May 2014!

Finally, just after Molly leaves Kauiki, I've made a finished map of her home island of Kauiki. I had the route marked like a AAA triptik on the working map, but I think Molly's route is pretty easy to follow. She went from Kasima through the jungle to the lava flow, then to the paved road and Hanatoa, then to Ellesmere ranch on the dirt road, then to the ridge between Mauna Kau and Mauna Rapata, down the trail to Makamaka, around to Kasima, and then back the trail to the road and Hanatoa again.

Officer Davis, the cop, came with Churchill to Ellesmere Ranch on the paved road to the south of Molly’s route, and then on a dirt road which intersected her way.

Demon overlord Grickleface has his main lairs on Mauna Napili and Mauna Kopili. Grimhorn hangs out mostly on Mauna Mahui. They do move from time to time in response to eruptions, trouble with humans, and trouble with other demons.

Map of Loma.…

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Thanks for drawing this. I see that the main road doesn't go all the way around the island. Kind of like the northwest portion of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, due to impassable terrain.