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A new picture based on a moment from my story, "Hotel Tropica." [link]


Kim ran around behind the police car, expecting to see the officer badly wounded or dead, but he was just gone, as was the kimmunicator. Kim hopped on the stealth bike, Ron got behind her, and the moment he put his hands on her hips, the bike took off, skidding around a sharp corner at about fifty miles an hour just as another spray of bullets came at them, from the missing officer. Either he wasn’t that good a shot, or didn’t anticipate Kim’s wild turn.


I did this one a bit differently again. I inked the original pencils of background, cars, and Kim and Ron on the bike with my black gel pen before scanning and assembling, then added different colors to the lines with "variations."

Night scenes always seem to have three or four times as many layers for all the lighting effects.


Update, Nov 15, 2008; when I did the new horizontal format version, I took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade the original. In particular, the lines and coloring are much cleaner— not that it's real easy to tell with all the blurs!
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Great work, cloudmonet! I can sense the speed here.
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Nice lightning effects! :thumbsup:
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A motorbike, nice
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