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Molly Blue Book 13 by cloudmonet, visual art

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Carl * 2015-03-30

Current Residence: Wildest Northern California

Favourite genre of music: Late 60s/ early 70s Rock and Folk

Favourite style of art: impressionism, postmodern realism

Operating System: MacOSX 10.6.8, 10.9,5

MP3 player of choice: I like CDs.

Shell of choice: nautilus

Favourite cartoon character (at the moment): Marielle of Crescent Moon, Lina Inverse, Holo the wisewolf, Bellnoa the Brave, Ko Yagame, Sylvette Suede, Red Blood Cell. It must be some kind of coincidence that they're all female. I try to pick older ones when available.

Favorite species: Dimetrodon limbatus

Favorite color: turquoise blue

Favorite temperature: 65 degrees F, slightly foggy

Personal Quote: The moon is hidden behind a mirror. The stars are laughing.

Favourite Visual Artist
Claude Monet
Favourite Movies
1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth
Favourite TV Shows
Log Horizon, Bodacious Space Pirates, Devil is a Part Timer, Hakumei and Mikochi, GATE
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beatles, Dylan, Grateful Dead, Incredible String Band, Donovan, Van Morrison, Youngbloods
Favourite Writers
Tolkien, Tu Fu
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop Elements, Liquitex Acrylics, Angora Watercolors, Prismacolor Pencils
Other Interests
Art, Poetry, Paleontology, History, Cartoons/Anime

sick again

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So I went to the clinic for a treatment on August 30. I uploaded Antventures Here and There 42 the next day. And then I was very very sick for over a week. With what? I don’t know. I couldn’t think straight, or even stay conscous. But toward by Friday evening, I was experiencing glimmers of lucidity, and decided to try to work on the 43rd page. It took about 4 days, but here we are. Now I’m exhausted. Am I getting any better? Or Worse?
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Okay, I've got a text box and I'm starting to type. I can't blame this one on some prescription. I just really am sick in real time. So I left off with page 42 of Antventures Here and There, and page 2124 of Molly Blue, and although the urge to see what happens next is strong with both stories, I will have to recover some first.
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Two more pages of Here and There. I don't know if I'll even be able to get back to the four pages at a time schedule I was doing for so many years. I'll get you the Molly page I'm working on whenever I finish it. Update. Okay, I just finished Molly Blue 2121.
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Well, have one new page of Antventures Here and There. There's even a new character. Proof of concept. I can do this, at least sometimes, despite a bunch of random bone pain and whatever else. I'm really pretty sick, everybody, but drawing ants seems to help. I'm just doing what I can, okay?
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curious ant comic

Well, if you just showed up in the middle of the book, it's gonna be hard to follow just what's going on. If you've already read it from Antventures Here and There page 1, curious would have different meanings. What I'm attempting to do with these anthropomorphized ants is not having them act like humans, but let them have the concerns of real ants, to some degree. And this is true for all the other insects and animals they interact with. Hope you find it interesting.

ye, i did not exactly follow the story, but them as characters are pretty cool x)

There are (in real life) species of ants called social parasites. The queen attempts to take over the colony of a similar species by sneaking in, getting the colony odor, laying her own eggs, and sometimes killing the existing queen. I thought it would be interesting to see how Amy and Betty could deal with that problem. The rest of the story is just encountering various predators, or "villains," as they attempt to deal with Zenobia and go back home. Riding a dragonfly? Well, this is a comic!

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Heya, welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard? I've been here since 2005!

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