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Molly Blue 1601-1700

Artist // Varied
My Bio
Carl * 2015-03-30

Current Residence: Wildest Northern California

Favourite genre of music: Late 60s/ early 70s Rock and Folk

Favourite style of art: impressionism, postmodern realism

Operating System: MacOSX 10.6.8, 10.9,5

MP3 player of choice: I like CDs.

Shell of choice: nautilus

Favourite cartoon character (at the moment): Marielle of Crescent Moon, Lina Inverse, Holo the wisewolf, Bellnoa the Brave, Ko Yagame, Sylvette Suede, Red Blood Cell. It must be some kind of coincidence that they're all female. I try to pick older ones when available.

Favorite species: Dimetrodon limbatus

Favorite color: turquoise blue

Favorite temperature: 65 degrees F, slightly foggy

Personal Quote: The moon is hidden behind a mirror. The stars are laughing.

Favourite Visual Artist
Claude Monet
Favourite Movies
1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth
Favourite TV Shows
Log Horizon, Bodacious Space Pirates, Devil is a Part Timer, Hakumei and Mikochi, GATE
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beatles, Dylan, Grateful Dead, Incredible String Band, Donovan, Van Morrison, Youngbloods
Favourite Writers
Tolkien, Tu Fu
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop Elements, Liquitex Acrylics, Angora Watercolors, Prismacolor Pencils
Other Interests
Art, Poetry, Paleontology, History, Cartoons/Anime

Special folders for special people

Special folders for special people

And just when I'd gotten used to checking ALLOW FREE DOWNLOAD, this option again comes checked by default. They're trying to keep me alert, I guess. But now I can create a special folder viewable only by people who watch me, or people with premium membership. I can easily think of why Deviant Art might want such folders to exist, but why on earth would I want this? I'm uploading stuff to Deviant Art because I want everyone who might want to see it to be able to see it. Maaayybe someone who draws incredibly kinky stuff or poses for nude photos could find this useful somehow, if only they hadn't already made that one picture their spotlight deviation. Well, that could be changed, maybe. It took me several years to figure out how to remove a drawing of a rhinoceros from my "landscapes" folder. Or maybe it's more like, "if you wanna see the good stuff, ya gotta watch me! Nyaah!" I guess that's possible too. I don't have any use for folders like that, and after uploading only 3

The new old old new covers

The new old old new covers

There's no good way to give an old deviation number to a new picture, is there? I wanted to change the picture for Molly Blue 1201-1300 navigation page, and it's there now. I even manipulated it to the front of my featured folder. I didn't want to have to change hundreds of links to it. But "inform watchers" no longer moves it to the folder of truly new. But the old picture, which I wanted to keep available for the people who like it, got a new number, and a place as a new picture. And someone just faved it. Well, thanks, but go look at the new one, too, okay?
I finally did a cover/navigation page for Molly Blue 1601-1700. My son adjusted the screen on my older computer so it's tolerably similar to the one I was using.

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SlangolatorHobbyist General Artist

Hello, are requests, art-trades and collabs open maybe?

cloudmonet General Artist

Probably not. I'm about as busy as I can stand do be doing what I do already.

Thanks for the watch buddy and stay safe 🙂🤗

EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Best I ask now.
Since I live in the USA epicenter of the corvid-19 plague (10,000 deaths a day), things are getting psychotic. I am out of meat,vegetables, oleo... and am down to breakfast items.

Some businesses may not reopen after this crisis, being at the "tipping point" already. Not just "mom & pop" stores, but Cruise ships.

I guess that there will be suicides as some are at the "tipping point" and will go into the abyss with just one more setback. 

I have no face mask (can't find any). BUT an accountant friend hopes to provide me with one, Last time I tried to shop, I was ordered out of the store, as I had no face mask. I couldn't even buy the newspaper I was holding when that DAME came & told me to leave. 

Library is closed. Theaters are closed. I WAS planning to pay a pop visit to former co-workers but everything is shut down in NYC. I left messages on a number, but nobody has bothered to relay any to the parties I mentioned in such. I wrote letters, but when they'd get them is uncertain as they are addressed to the college which likely is shut. They never told me their home addresses or home numbers. BTW I was retired years ago due to Republican budget cuts, and, at my age, any job resumes I might send may just get tossed. So my unemployment is not due to the virus. 
Also I am only a shadow of what I was when i was 65. 

Hopefully I can either get a mask or arrange for home delivery.

BTW, avoid eG5 games. They are "pay to play". 
cloudmonet General Artist

Make yourself a mask. An old pillowcase should work fine.

EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Fortunantly the accountant came through with face masks. I was able to stock up on food the same day, yesterday. 

I see no end to this crisis yet. 
cloudmonet General Artist

I don't either.