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NES - version 3

By cloudkicker
the next Version of my NES - now with a Gamepad. (the next thing will be a TV with Super mario in it (or another game) I think)

Version 2: [link]
Version 1: [link]

What I did new in this version:
- of course the gamepad (I only want to have one in the pic, so everyone can see the port for the other controller)
- I made the dark "bar" lighter
- I made the port for the controller lighter (I made both lighter but you can only see one because of the gamepad)

What I don't like in this version:
- the cable of the gamepad
- the plug (?) of the gamepad

What do you think? how could I make those things better?

Bye the way I'm still searching for some NES games (PAL VERSION) like Mega Man.. so if you have some give me a note :) (Smile)
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Wie hab ich es geliebt!!!!
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Nice drawing of the old gem.
You should try some of the earlier sugesstion to make the black cable look shiny.
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I like it very much. I was playing with mine earlier this morning, around 3am or so. It looks very nice, I think.
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jey jey , echt klasse !!!

das kabel könnte noch ein bisschen runder sein
aber sonst gutes pixelart-teilchen :) (Smile)

ne atari vcs 2600 konsole wär mal cool , damit hats nämlich bei mir angefangen ...

gruss icarus Bye

*...nostalgie ist modern*
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yea nes rocks!!! put bubble bobble on the tv!!!
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this is soo cool!
i agree with wenstrom here (cable, buttons, hight, colours)
anyway, my favourite part is the text on the frontpart of the nes!
keep it up
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Ooh i want my NES back - i had two, and the wherent whit :s - wore creamy grey
i love this, great job
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Hmm, since I already did a crit about the console before, I'll focus on the pad. Well, for one, the cable that connects it with the console needs some more shading. Use a lighter gray for that (go and see the Master System 2 ~vapid did to see what I mean). Use another red to shade the buttons a little more, so they won't look flat. Also, the d-pad is hard to see due to the dark gray you used there. I'd use a lighter gray on the gamepad, so the black d-pad could be seen better, and this is a personal opinion, but I think that the pad isn't that high. Reduce it's height for about 2 pixels and see if it looks more like the real one.

Hope that helps. :) (Smile)

Nice job!
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It didn't had much morde details.... here is a picture of the NES in real: [link] the only thing I could add are the Video and audio out ports on the side of the console (there where I put the darker box.... at the right bottom) But I have some problems with creating circles in a isometric perspective... I just have to try more... (and look how others did it) :) (Smile)
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I really like this, but it needs some more detail on the main console itself, I dont have a picture to reference at this point, but from memory, I think it had a few more things... such as skrews, grooves etc.
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