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Wow - I haven't updated in a long time. :) Not since Feburary 21st. Woowwww..... I finally have recieved my marks for the modules I took before the summer.. And I didn't fail (surprisingly). YATTA! I also finished Okami (collecting all the stray beads along the way :P) with all S-ranks, which made me happy! I would seriously recommend Okami to anyone who has a PS2. It's the most beautiful game, which is super addictive and passes in a flash (a 40 hour flash!). Now to play again... Still, I'm back at school now , and that's just depressing. It's only 9 months until my GCSEs (and a wonderful selection of AS's) and I really don't feel like I
Bored :3
Stolen from ~Uberzers ( Are you a bad influence? If you go over 45, you're a bad influence. If you go under 15, chances are you live under a rock and have no life... even more harsh. Rules *Total the number of things in each list you've done. * No need to say which ones. *If people really want to know they will grow the balls to ask. *If you got tagged, tag at least 3 people on your watch list. 1. Smoked- No 2. Consumed alcohol:- Yes 3. Slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex:- Yes [but not,] 4. Slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex:- Yes 5. Kissed someone of the same sex: - Yes 6. Had sex: - No.
Birthday, skiing and ug.
First things first: Woop de fucking do I'm 15 [well, in 4 hours, same difference really]. At least I've matured [well, I think so] over the last two years. Since I was feeling nostalgic, I checked my old journal entries, to lo and behold: ''Grr! I hate melissa (~Kyu-chanwich ( Apart from that... I went on a rollercoaster... a BIG one! GO ME! I am so great! Since I am a wuss! YAY! And I have read harry potter! W00t! Although I don't really like it... but still! And my coursework is nearly done... yAy! YaY! '' We seemed to have had an argument, I'm not sure what about - but god I was a complete and utter retard. Who actually types like '


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