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Not So High and Mighty by Cloud-Dream, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Newest Baby Maid by Cloud-Dream, visual art


After Swim Stretches by Cloud-Dream, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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My Bio

Confusions about Different usernames.I been noticing that since I go by many other different usernames on other sites they been thinking I'm different people well I want to clear up the confusion.

On my Furrfanity my Username is MoonWolfYouthOtaku, that is me I just don't know how to change it to Cloud-Dream.

My Picarto account is CutieArrowABDL (name was given to me by :icontheowlcan: bless his heart <3) that is also me.

Also on my Discord I go by Arrow.

I hope this clears up the confusion you guys have ^^

Welcome to the page of Cloud-Dream!I am the admin of this

Chibi Arrow by (check out her gallery it's filled with adorableness!)

I’m a digital ABDL Otaku artist. I love to do these kinds of artwork: Diaper, age regression, and transgender navel play, yuri.

I have ADHD and autism so its a bit hard to understand things, but I can get along with “Almost” everyone. I’m not really picky, and touchy when it comes with people here on DA. I just want to meet new friends here and have a good time.

Please note I'm part of the ABDL community but please "No" baby talk. I want to be taken seriously and gain respect among my fellow ABDL artists. I will only do that in role playing otherwise please no baby talk.

Please “Do Not” bring up anything bad about me or something physically or emotionally happen to me unless your wishing me to get better or something like that.

If you hate my guts and/or my art then you hate them I don't care I draw this because I want to and its who I am.

But anyway welcome to my page and have a look around.

Here a little more info about me

More about meWell since I been in the ABDL community for quite a long while so I think it's time for you guys to get to know me a more.

I will share some personal information but only information I feel comfortable with sharing.

Well here lets get started.

In real life my name is Jeffrey. (I still prefer to be called Arrow)

How I became a ABDL was through looking up "anime in diapers" on ask that is what lead me to finding Diaperedanime also I tried on a bunch of my little sister's pulls Ups but I liked diapers more then pulls ups

I never sleep in and always wake up early. The only times I sleep in are days with I'm really sick, I like to get things done in the day so I don't have to worry about it later.

I can loose track of time and don't like getting interrupted when I'm doing artwork since I have a have a little nasty habit of loosing time.

Yes I do overreact but it's not because I'm mad or upset. It's because I don't understand whats going on, it's hard not to overreact wMore about Me 2How about another installment of info about me =3

Remember like last time I'm not sharing any personal information unless I feel comfortable with it.

I'm not a fan of Mortal Kombat. Reasons: Scarred me when I was a child along with the games War Gods and Turok 3 Shadows of Oblivion and Babyality. A ear rape in my opinion.

I love crossovers. There so much fun, interesting, and so creative.

My first Vocaloid song I ever listened to was Triple Baka.

I still have the very first manga I ever read. Which was Pokemon.

I'm not much a live action fan. Ya I know it kinda seems weird but I think there just making themselves look like idiots but there just acting. There getting paid for it so ya. It's just a opinion.

The first video game boss that totally scarred me when I was a kid was Robot Andross from Star Fox 64. Do I really need to explain? I mean look at him!


Those ey

User of :thumb384379780: and a

sometimes a when I'm just lazy lol =3

Please check out my other pages!

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Favourite Visual Artist
Don't have a fave due to equal amount of awesomeness
Favourite Movies
Sonic The Hedgehog the movie, Wreck It Ralph, Evangelion 2.22 you can [not] advance
Favourite TV Shows
I have a lot of fave animes so I'm not even gonna go into it.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Crush 40, Vocaloid, Uver World, Bentley Jones, and more
Favourite Books
I have a lot of fave mangas so ask me in a note.
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Sonic series, Project Diva series, Mischief Makers, Halo
Favourite Gaming Platform
Don't ask me that. There all great consoles
Tools of the Trade
Art Trades
Other Interests
Being babied, snuggling, artwork, playing games and being loved

Post Spotlight

Big Changes in the Future by Cloud-Dream, journal

Oh god using a laptop, drawing tablet set up feel cramped and so dang weird. Can't wait to get a new PC.
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Current updates: I'm currently still working on my FF7 Rebirth side project at this moment. I haven't gotten forgotten about the Miku pictures as well. This is looking like it will my plate will be full. Still have other pieces to make, holiday and season wise. Thank you everyone for being patient. I will be making a new commission price sheet here soon, though it won't be made for awhile.
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Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I won't be posting for a while, I'm currently working on a small side project themed around FF7 Rebirth. I will say that this project does contains spoilers for Rebirth, so I will have a custom thumbnail on each pic. I want to draw and post these but don't want people coming to complain to me about spoilers. I hope you all enjoy what is coming up. Don't worry the Miku pictures are still being worked on!
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Alice Megan and Friends Alice and Megan

hello can you do ami from gwain saga diapered

Hi there nice to meet you I like your arts

Your welcome and happy new year to you