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Rachael Opal Ver. 3
Many of us would wish that our artwork would indeed come to life.
Rachael Opal, Milo's residential painter, experiences this every day.
Yet, for some strange reason, not only is she struggling with money
(and badly craving it) but she never seems to think her artwork is
good enough. She'd even ask for feedback and shut it down when
you're in the middle of expressing your thoughts.

Things are always a mess in Rachaels house regardless of how pristine
and clean she wants it to be. Whether it's an accident brought about
from her painting or when her friends come over and an accident is
brought about from going crazy around the paintings. Poor Rachael
Opal doesn't seem to catch a break.

This picture was made around the time I learned Stephen Hillenberg
passed on. He's gone now. But his mark on the world is as big as
cnidaria rex, maybe even bigger.

Until next time, T-T-F-N!

Based on MLP: Friendship Is Magic by Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
Art by me.
Drawn with Clip Studio Paint.
On the weekend of June 15 this year, Wizard World has made its return to
Philadelphia this year. Naturally, I wanted to go and bask in the fun. This usually
involved some tasty food, cosplayers to connect with and take pictures of, indie
artists to support and, of course, spending all the money I have in my pocket.
I also came with my good friend, :iconthezackburg: for the second time. This
time, it was just him that cosplayed. Sorry, got other hobbies I wish to invest
money in.

This time around, I came with a purpose. There were four special guests that came
that week and unlike the last time I wanted to meet a special guest (which resulted
in me loosing my ticket and couldn't see them), this time, I successfully got to see
all of them face to face. Their names are Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech and
Barbara Dunkleman. Sound familiar? Yep. These are the same women who voice the
main cast of RWBY.

My main goal was to meet Lindsay and Barbara and ask them to sign an artpiece of
mine, which I managed to work up just for the occasion. Here it is:
Family Time!!! (Autographed) by Cloudcuckooman 

I even had their pictures taken of them holding it:

20190615 120041 Hdr[1] by Cloudcuckooman 20190615 120513 Hdr[1] by Cloudcuckooman

The significance behind the picture is that the two girls standing with Darla in the middle are both inspired by their characters
(Yeah, the one on the right can easily be mistaken for Nora, I get that. She was made with both her and Ruby in mind.). You're
properly wondering what of Arryn and Kara? No worries. Got them covered.

20190615 160733[1] by Cloudcuckooman
Here's the real life Team RWBY in a QnA being held at the convention. Of all the people who gave the answers,
Arryn stood out to me the most. I believe because her role as the aloof and distant Blake gave it some surprise
to me when I see her voice being so out there and having a good time that I couldn't help but enjoy everything
she was doing up there. When the question was asked "what music from the soundtrack did you like the most",
her answer included some of the earlier tracks like "This will be the day we waited for" because of how fun it is
to look back at where they started. I for one agree as I also like that song. Of course, Barbara's favorite music
had to involve Yang (i.e. I Burn). Really shows how much she likes playing the character.

I did have a question I wanted to ask, but I got nervous and never bothered until the QnA was over. So, before
going home, I decided to wait by the special guest tables to see them again. Asking the question one by one is
no big deal as long as I got the answers. Eventually, they returned and I went to each of them to ask my question.
It went like this: "As a writer, I found a lot of inspiration from your show from its stories to the characters. How does
it feel to know that you inspire other creative minds?" I don't remember all of the details of their answers but they
had some things in common: The idea is a flattering concept that humbles her. Kara in particular loved hearing that
she inspired me. Because of that, she offered to give me a hug to show her appreciation, which I accepted.

I got a hug from the Weiss Schnee. Life is good, is it not?

After that, I had a few more pictures I wanted to show them because I thought I owed them this much.
The second drawings of the characters depict them transforming into their totem animals as it would be
depicted in the Darla universe (I keep thinking of a crossover between the two).

Ruby Rose (Autographed) by Cloudcuckooman Big Bad Ruby! by Cloudcuckooman 
(Lindsay joked that Ruby's transformation was triggered by someone taking her cookie. Oh, what a privilege meeting her.)

Glorious Ice Queen (Autographed) by Cloudcuckooman Weiss Scwhan by Cloudcuckooman 
(I blame my inexperience in drawing swans for how this was pulled off.)

She Wanted All The Fish (Autographed) by Cloudcuckooman Rise Of The Panther Queen by Cloudcuckooman 
(Look out! It's a second female Wolverine!!!)

Goldilocks All Grown Up by Cloudcuckooman Somebody's Been Eating My Noodles!!! by Cloudcuckooman 
(Fun fact: Zack thought Yang was transforming into a monkey until I pointed out monkeys don't have claws and that Yang was based off of Goldilocks.)

To conclude, This was perhaps, no, it is the best visit to Wizard World I've had in recent years. I got to meet celebrities I admired, had a good
time with some friends, met some other interesting people (and a lot of RWBY cosplayers, no less) and all this while still having some cash
left in my pocket. Let me tell you, doesn't get any better than this.

Also, thanks to me waiting so long, I started thinking "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits with its guitar riffs would be a good
theme tune for Nerris from Camp Camp. I don't know why. 80's rock music seemed to fit her for some reason.

That's it for today. Until next time, T-T-F-N!!!


Cloudcuckooman's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hello, Deviantart. My name is Ethan. Please, call me Cloudcuckooman. I'm an independent artist always striving to make his work the best it could be. The highlight of my writing and artwork includes humorous stories with a hint of emotion and sincerity here and there. Simply because the story is meant to be funny doesn't mean you're not allowed to cry.

This account is currently the hub for a webcomic I'm currently producing, Toon Girls. It's a humanized, cartoony retelling of My Little Pony, which some of my peers have told me that it can stand on its own in terms of story and characters. Any and all criticism towards it is welcome. I like to hear what people say about my work after all.

I can't say I can agree on too many things. But I can promise that I'll stay mature about it. Causing fights is just a waste of time anyway. Believe me, I had to learn the hard way.

I now have an Instagram. Check it out!…

Also got an EBay account. Items for sale include CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes, Cassette Tapes, Vinyl Records and more. Usually held on auctions so come in and see what interests you. :)…

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