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For Want Of A Small Smackerel
It was a peaceful morning at the arctic forest. The trees were tall with purple bark and blue leaves breathing out cold air. Darla Bernard and her friends were camping there to train themselves to work in harmony with their totem animals.
Darla loved the cold air blowing in the wind. While Hurdle and Soundwave complained to no end about the very same sensation. Hurdle especially did not like camping to begin with in spite of her love of sports.
This morning in particular was later in the week. Thursday, to be exact. They started their trip to this area on Sunday. It was nearly time for their training sessions to be over.
But now is not the time to think about it. Now is the time for breakfast.
Darla checked her bags for any necessary supplies for the morning. She found her toothbrush, thermos, plate, even the bowl and silverware. She even managed to find a medium sized jar of honey. Unfortunately, it was very close to being empty. Darla was certain she had enough for the week. Her head
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Well, what better way to do a 10 advertising milestone than with a lady I recently bought a
commission from and seems to be in a bad place right now? By gum, I'll do it.


Sado Commission (Mrs. Hyde) by Cloudcuckooman

This amazing picture is what I commissioned for by the amazing SadoAlice. She specializes in
gothic horror both bodily and psychological. I don't often talk about horrific and gothic themes
when it isn't October. But I can safely say that if art styles and themes were languages then I
would say that gothic horror aesthetics from the likes of Tim Burton and Universal Studios are
a second language to me.

Back on topic, a highlight of Alices gallery is a comic series called Essie, which focus on a team
of orphans that go through some really extreme hardships during the Victorian Era (the best
time to be an orphan). Sometimes you'll see just portraits of the characters in disturbing and
morbid situations. They can even be disturbing themselves. Combine it with anatomy designs
that would make the animators of Invader Zim proud and you've got raw talent refined into

And in case you're wondering, this commission I have, it's actually one of my characters. You'll
see her again in a picture I've made very soon.

As a person, Alice is easy to talk to and at times I can relate to some of the struggles she gets in.
These include having the feeling of insignificance, illness and experiencing bad memories. I really don't
want them to get the better of her. So, for any of you that are impressed by her work, I suggest
spreading some love and maybe a few llamas if you have spare ones. Talk to her, maybe ask for
art trades or commissions, something to help brighten her day. Anyone who's willing to vent their
real life frustrations through a creative frustration earns plenty of respect.

Here's some other sample art in case you just aren't sold yet. And Alice, if you're reading this, take care.

~Dustyard Dollhouse Darling~ by SadoAlice + F I N A L I T Y + by SadoAlice :.:Frick Your Pastel Rainbow:.: by SadoAlice How Pathetic... by SadoAlice Can't Throw a Riot without Cotton Candy by SadoAlice Essie: Arc 1, Page 92 by SadoAlice
Thank you.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello, Deviantart. My name is Ethan. Please, call me Cloudcuckooman. I'm an independent artist always striving to make his work the best it could be. The highlight of my writing and artwork includes humorous stories with a hint of emotion and sincerity here and there. Simply because the story is meant to be funny doesn't mean you're not allowed to cry.

This account is currently the hub for a webcomic I'm currently producing, Toon Girls. It's a humanized, cartoony retelling of My Little Pony, which some of my peers have told me that it can stand on its own in terms of story and characters. Any and all criticism towards it is welcome. I like to hear what people say about my work after all.

I can't say I can agree on too many things. But I can promise that I'll stay mature about it. Causing fights is just a waste of time anyway. Believe me, I had to learn the hard way.

I now have an Instagram. Check it out!…

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