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Cajun - Puppy Training Program


Andy took a deep breath before the test began. Once she was ready, she said "Up!" to her Doxie puppy and watched nervously as his long body lifted off the floor. Cajun quietly stood there and waited. Andy was hopeful that the other two tests would go just as smoothly. 

-Food/Toy Acceptance-

Andy tossed one of Cajun's favorite toys into the middle of the room and let him play for a minute. "Drop it!" She instructed after a moment or two, and the rope fell from the puppy's mouth. He sat patiently and waited for further instructions. So far so good! 


Andy was confident that Cajun would finish the last test with flying colors. He was a social pup from the beginning. Phoenix was brought in, a puppy from Cloud Creek Kennels that Cajun hadn't met yet. He sniffed her for a minute before pouncing and rolling around with the other Dachshund puppy. Andy sighed in relief, hoping Cajun had done well enough to pass his puppy training test. 

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Tried something a little different. Not quite sure what it is, but I put a white line around everything...I kinda like it. :) 

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