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Welcome to the World of Colours!



:bulletblue: Colours ONLY~
We'll meet again page 1 by charlot-sweetie:icontransparentplz: Society Divide chapter 1 page 1 by charlot-sweetie

:bulletred: No advertising in the comment section dear.
:bulletblue: A limit of 5 deviations per day :D
:bulletblue: We accept ALL arts with colours, both digital and traditional.
:bulletblue: No literature (this means fanfiction, poems etc)
:bulletblue: Please submit to the right folder:

       :bulletpink: Featured - Admins will select you.
       :bulletpink: Admin Exclusive - Admins only
       :bulletpink: Original Character - Your own created Characters.
       :bulletpink: FanArt - Anime Manga - art of anime or mangas
       :bulletpink: FanArt - Game - Art of games
       :bulletpink: FanArt - TV shows - Art of TV shows
       :bulletpink: FnaArt - Movies - Art of movies
       :bulletpink: FanArt - OCs - Art of someone else's original characters
       :bulletpink: Chibi - Art where people have big heads
       :bulletpink: Comics - Comic pages or one shots
       :bulletpink: Pixel Art - Art using just pixels
       :bulletpink: Adoptable - Characters that you are selling
       :bulletpink: Creatures and Animals - non-human living things
       :bulletpink: Photography - photographs
       :bulletpink: Environmental - land/sky and seascapes
       :bulletpink: Mature - Explicit art, MOST HAVE A WARNING
       :bulletpink: Commission Journals - journals about your commissions
       :bulletpink: Others - Anything that doesn't belong to any category.

:bulletblue: Be polite
:bulletblue: Have fun!

We are currently recruiting admins to help manage the group. The roles are pretty simple.
:bulletred: Co-Founder slot full. But you can be upgraded thru commitment or time.
:bulletgreen: Write Weekly Journals~ You will be put into a queue.
:bulletgreen: Invite people to join through notes/etc methods
:bulletgreen: Find arts to be added in our gallery~
:bulletgreen: Manage the gallery (add more folders if full, remove arts in wrong category, etc)
Anyone can join~ Just be active that's all :D
Looking forward to hearing from you.

They're awesome! Check out their pages~ :la:

Get featured by donating! Gain more exposure :love:

3 :points: : 1 week feature
10 :points: : 1 month feature
100 :points: : 1 year feature
500 :points: : Feature Forever

Please send your points to the founder :iconfreezingfeathers:
Make sure to mention that it's for a feature at Cloud-Of-Colours

Throws love~
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Gallery Folders

[OPEN] YCH auction #7 by Yunokiru-Str
Magic Moonlight by MaraRey
Rosalie vamp girl by kurumaiart
Admin Feature
YCH #2, #3 - summer time [open] by manchik
Cherry Watermelon by MaraRey
[CLOSE]| Adoptable [AUCTION] no.68 The nurse by LayneiMarkTwo
YCH - Girls in underwear [ CLOSED AUCTION ] by Cogamori
Original Character-FULL
Finished Custom Designs by Dreaming-Witch
Open~ | Adopt Auction #165 | SB 70$ by Dreaming-Witch
Commission - Diana by NytBz
Commission - Diana by NytBz
[SB $ 18] Adopt Auction [OPEN] 30 by Lon-Li-Mei

Mature Content

W by Rikitikki
[Set price OPEN] Sexy kemonomimi adoptable #39 by tohi-ta
FanArt - Anime Manga
Bike Ride - AshxMisty - Pokeshipping by Neica-92
Motoko (a jump)(+NSFW optional). by TattiArt
[TGCF] HuaLian by kisagi1317
Rengoku's death (my feels) by koyowl
FanArt - Games
Pokemon BDSP Team Galactic Grunts by vikthor01
Sona (2018) by Mystar21
Ganyu - Genshin Impact by Soya027
Alpina by dengekipororo
FanArt - TV Shows
Texas chibi - Arknights by Arthursirius
Happy Birthday Marvin! by CastawayKe
Songbird Serenade by PIZZAL0RD
Rainbow Rarity Stained Glass by PIZZAL0RD
FanArt - Movies
Zorro by Zee-qow
Hadley and Fallon by KaigunMontoya
Modern Alice by HornedVeles
Megara by HornedVeles
FanArt - OCs
[MLP] Sakura (AT) by AmberPone
HB: Clover Expressions by HaraaJubilee
the peacemaker by martha-chan
Fanart - miscellaneous
[c] [animated] summer imouto ych // rushia by designbylotus
(OPEN) Auction | Darkee by Zonnelane
(OPEN) Auction | Keeper by Zonnelane
Anemone Overdose by LizzyStarie
Chibi Riku by kisagi1317
Therian Tail Chapter 1 Page 18 by Foxhatart
Pixel Arts
[OPEN] $55 Set 001 by Buncake
Creatures or Animals
YCH OPEN golden autumn by ClamorTenebre
[FOR SALE]Mother of Pearl Resin Jewelry Studs OOAK by FKDemetri
Seascape (Bob Ross) by Zee-qow

Mature Content

Adawong - NSFW by Firdausiyus
Commission Journals
Sweet Dinner| Set Price YCH| OPEN by MaritaSorre
Bday gif by Tedebobaowo
FULL? Submit Here
YCH [open] - Cathedral tragedy by CotletaArt
Christmas Carol Contest
YCH - Christmas kitty [OPEN AUCTION] by Cogamori
Tutorials and Workthroughs
Night Vision (Prequel) by MyEmeraldTears
Original Characters
[OPEN] Adoptable #19 kemonomimi by jendoos
Devious Folder



~We accept Affiliates~
Hi, to restart the journals in 2018, I'm posting a complete  list of all our journals. As some of you know, we've been using this Weekly Journal Idea Request! :update::Update: Members suggestions added to bottom of the journal.
July 2017 update: Additions to the lists.
Hello Everyone, :iconcharlot-sweetie: charlot-sweetie here! Long time no post.
Sad to say our weekly journals stopped a while ago, this is in parts to admins being busy, but also because of a lack of ideas.
So lovely members do you have any colour based questions you would like us to answer in ways of a journal?
Below are all journals we have done so far. ^.~ Just in case you missed any.
Colour Theory
Hue, Saturation and Value
Warm and Cold Colours
Flat-Colour-and-Shading http://cloud-of-col
as a list, however this should be easier to find. :heart:

Quick List of Sections:
1. Colour Theory Journals
2. 'The Colour:' Journals
3. Generalized Journals  (with subsections)
4. Traditional Colouring
5. Digital Colouring

1.   Colour Theory Journals
Colour Theory (Journal 15)…
Hue, Saturation and Value…
Warm and Cold Colours…
Lighting and Shading-
Groups of Colour (definitions)
Lighting and Shading (Journal 35)

2. 'The Colour:' Journals
Pink -
Red -…
Orange -
Yellow -
Green -…
Blue -
Purple -…
Rainbow -…
Black -…
Brown -
White -
Gold -

3. Generalized Colour (with subsections)
Colouring The Seasons:
The Emotions of Colours…
Realistic-VS-Unrealistic colouring…
Spooky Colouring-
Monochrome -
Monochromatic with Colour details
How To Deal With Art Block:
High School and Art Class:
Colour and Fanart
Poses and Positioning (Journa 31)l
Environment Tips:
Guide to Environments
Background vs Environment
Skies: Part1 (Journal 26)
Skies: Part2 (Journal 27)
Clouds  (Journal 6)
Tips for Characters
Colouring OCs and Adoptables
Comic and Manga Tips
Comics The Bare Bones:

4. Traditional Colouring
Traditional Art and Colour (Journal 37)

5. Digital Colouring
Digital Colour Tips (Journal 39)
Tips for colouring inS Paint Tool SAI……
More Journal Entries

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