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Cute Whale FREE Avatar

I promised more free avatars so here I am again! :D

A cute whale floating and making a small fountain just above its head! :XD:

I think this is a slightly different pic from the other ones. It has a more complexed shining and shadowing, or at least it seems like that! I just wanted it to show like a round ball floating!!! and I think I'm rather to close to this! :XD:

Would you like to learn how to create this avatar on your own? Check the Cute Whale Avatar Tutorial

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Inspiration: From a recycle bag showing different animals being so cute not for someone to recycle!

Colouring: I was inspired by Avatar for Kenniii. It's so cute! Check *0xo's gallery , it's amazing!

Software used: MS Paint, Photoshop CS2 and ImageReady for the animation.

Use: This is a FREE avatar within DA. So should you want to use it drop me a comment or note in order to make an edit and say who's currently using it! :XD:
EDIT: ~DQ31 is currently using this avatar

Thnx for your visit!!! :aww:
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so adorable!!!
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thank you! Using!!!
vanndra's avatar
KorlecoWill's avatar
using on my profile page
Its-Fox's avatar
ElenaForsell's avatar
I'm going to use it :) It's sooo cute! Thank you :3
Sadow675's avatar
I just realised.... that's wailord from pokemon!
Okeki's avatar
might be using! Thank you <333
SciAttack's avatar
My new desktop backround
SciAttack's avatar
Am gonna use :3
manylene's avatar
Evab100's avatar
Used for my FA
Sunblaze12's avatar
Used for a stamp
m18garnek's avatar
Using on my DA page <3
coralberry's avatar
singagainsoon's avatar
this is so cute, i'm using this if that's alright c:
anubis10293's avatar
Hope you don't mind if I use this in my bio. Thanks!
blakdragon18's avatar
hey just fyi i changed my avie to this super cute whale and i WILL give credit to you!!!
Ask-RinnyBoo's avatar
Thanks for the cute avatar, I am using it on my page...! <3
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