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BubbleSparkle Heart Brushes

By cloud-no9
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Bubbles or spakles? Maybe both in heart shapes! :XD:

Inspiration: As in Bubble Dividers I was inspired by the a tutorials site, SugarCream (just noticed she has also a DA account, :iconsugarcream:), and got amazed by their template. It reminded me of flash animated bubbles I've seen in various site but in static.

Edit: I'm afraid the free hosting service deleted my brushes file! :pissedoff: Please use the Download link for the corresponding abr file. I really apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Note: These brushes were made with Photoshop CS2.

Use: You may use these brushes as you like! Perhaps linking back to this page or a credit would be rather nice so that I will :+fav: and collect your deviation/s! :D

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Edit: Now featuring at :iconoibyrdsdds:'s Journal as the "BRUSH SET OF THE DAY" ([link]). Many-many thnx for this! :bow: Honoured!

Enjoy! Thnx! :aww:
© 2007 - 2020 cloud-no9
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Very nice. Added as a fav :)
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:'( I need this brush but can't download it
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The brush is what I'm looking for. Thank you somuch!
xXScarilverXx's avatar
i love this kind of brush!
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Thank you for the brushes!
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That's my work [link] I used your brushes. I love them! <3
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Hi! Thanks for the beautiful brushes.

I used in this art [link]

Enjoy! ^^
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how do i download it?
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Cool! I like the bubble effect :D
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I have a question please reply to this how can you see brushes in photoshop 7.0
I mean where are they located??
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I'm afraid theses brushes may not work in Photoshop 7.0 as they were made with Photoshop CS2.

In regard to brushes installation it's a really simple procedure. Just follow the next steps:

1. Download and save the file in your hard disc (perhaps desktop will be handy) and unzip it.

2. Place the .abr file into:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop [version]\Presets\Brushes.

3. From the Brushes Palette in Photoshop, click the small arrow in the upper right corner of the palette, and choose Load Brushes... A new dialogue box will open featuring all *.abr files in the Brushes folder, including the BubbleSparkle_Heart_Brushes_by_cloud_no9.abr you added previously. Select this file and hit Load. And you're done! Congrats!!!

If you need more help drop me a note. Good luck!!!
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Oh thanx you replied to the message to late I already found out how to work with brushes but thanx and I would be sending a note to you when I feel some problem thank you for replying much appreciated
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download doesn't works
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Really? Funny thing... I've just tested and it seems like it works properly.

Could you please check it again?
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Love it, Love it, Love it!!!
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Oh thnx so much! :aww: This made me so happy!

I hope they'll be of help to your next deviations! :D
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Lol they have clouds for the preview
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It's finally fixed! :XD: No more clouds for hearts! :D
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