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BubbleSparkle Brushes

Bubbles or spakles? Maybe both! :XD:

Inspiration: As in Bubble Dividers I was inspired by the a tutorials site, SugarCream (just noticed she has also a DA account, :iconsugarcream:), and got amazed by their template. It reminded me of flash animated bubbles I've seen in various site but in static.

Edit: I'm afraid the free hosting service deleted my brushes file! :pissedoff: Please use the Download link for the corresponding abr file. I really apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Note: These brushes were made with Photoshop CS2.

Use: You may use these brushes as you like! Perhaps linking back to this page or a credit would be rather nice! :D

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Enjoy! Thnx! :aww:
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Yayy just what I was looking for!~ Thank-you!! :3 
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i so like these ones :) 
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Hi! :D
These brushes are just my style, they're really awesome!! :D 
Also, the piece will be entered in's t-shirt design contest <3
Gaurdian-of-Dreamers's avatar
Thank you! These look cute!
Rakangoe's avatar
Thank you very much i used here [link] :D
Arah019's avatar
I used these here [link] and here [link] Thank you! :)
GomezStyle's avatar
Use it here, thanks ^^ [link]
XX-Bieber-Fever-XX's avatar
thnx ! but how did u made them?
thanks for sharing!
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Wow! I love you!
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Amazing brushes i just share them on my website:
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