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Tutorial How I make the tree

starejreng  starejreng starejrengg Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 

1. Make the sketch from the darker color ( make silluet of the tree ) 
2. Give it some detail with small and bigger brush ( play with the brush size )
 3. Then give it some lightning ( you could decide where the lightning position come from ) 
4. The make it 'upper' silluet of leaf . In its trunks give it some lightning using default brush 
5. Give another more light colour . Its give strong contrast good for the tree 
6. In here you could make own brush ( im using my own brush to make its leaf )
7. With the same brush . U could make the tree volume in the leaf ( opacity around 20 ~ 50 % ) 
8 then. Make a little brighter and continue detailingits form . Use "brightness and contrastt " to edit the tree color get more brightter
9 . Give it more lightning effect from the sun 
10 . At the darker color gibe it purple gradient ( just a bit little ) and yellow gradient at it light color 
11. Finish you could give more plant or moss at their trunks
I hope this is useful
enjoy it :)

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Tried tutorial.

This is what I made from it. No blossoms but added in some grassy and glows

Tree Study
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I did as well, minus the blossom

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hey! i tried to do an autumn style one!
I Tried To Tree by mikuthesinger i dont have many tools to work with so its not that good but it helped with my trees alot!
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gorgeous colours 
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the setting for the brush pls?
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Thank you for the fave Closz! I'm looking forward to using this tutorial in the future.
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Interesting patent...thank you X3
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clap clap clap I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
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Wow, this is a very cool tutorial! Thank you, will try to make it something beautiful Wink/Razz 
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Thank you for creating such an awesome tutorial. :)
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Which photoshop have you used? c;
Closz's avatar
Photoshop Cs 6 only that
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which pencil did you use to do that leaf effect?
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i just use brush from photoshop, with default brush
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wow that looks so easy o.O ... have to try it out^^
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wkwkkw just try  and try again bro
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looks very cool, nice work
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thank you ^^/
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Tutorial na agak membantu,ngomong2 brush na itu di download kah?
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itu bkin sendiri kok ^^, saya kasi sample picnya d  tutorialyna bntuk brushnya gmn 
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