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Tutorial How I make the Fire

Morning everyone Finally sunday tutorial again stare Jreng stare Jreng stare jreeeng 
Today i want to share how to paint " fire" .

This is what i learn , i hope could share it with you guys

1. Draw the fire shape . Feel free how do you want to draw it shape .
2 give it some medium . Im used brush in paint tool sai . Decreace it opacity ( the brush opacity )
3 . In this step . You can add 2 new layer . ( one above the first layer use oil water / more blending brush .
Draw more like a fog around the fire . After then turn the opacity layer to 60%
Them make new layer upper all layer . Give it yelow color more like the core on the fire)
4 detailing with blending brush around brighterr color
5 detailing again with pen tool ( or another brush more hardness ) step by step around the red color 
So the fire could looks like released into the air
6 voila . Its done . U can edit the brightness / contrast to get more contrast color . ( can edit in sai / photoshop) And done

Its only a basic how to paint the fire

 You can improve the fire as u like Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
Here some sample of my drawing using this step

I hope u like, and enjoy it 
:) (Smile) 
keep the spirit, we are equally as learningTamako Kitashirakawa (Ohai) [V1] 
Other tutorials you can see on my Funpage:…;Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
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Great fire tutorial. The flames aren't as vibrant as others I've seen, but these work.

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danke, this is helpful
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Nice value on the fire.
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Would you be able to do a lightning tutorial? O.o
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i wonder where the brushes are for this tutorial so that i can use it for future painting
LittleMc98's avatar
Oh no.

i delete the "Ol Water!" ;___;
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I like fire, well drawn fire
posund's avatar
this is lit :D
yeah I'll leave now......but thanks for the tutorial, its very helpful :D
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Thanks for posting this! It's very helpful.
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Yeah FireeeeeLa la la la 
Thank you very much for the tutorials!
They are so awesome Smile Miguel  xD!!!!
You´re a great Artist! :D
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your welcome ^^. thank you so much ^^/  see u again in my next tutorial
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this is super-helpful-- thanks!! :D
Closz's avatar
u welcome ^^//
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Your tutorials are really helpful!
Keep up the awesome work! :D
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thank you i gald this can help ^^
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thank you, this help u ?
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