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How to i make a Night SKy

i hope can help u ^^/
thank yu for always support me :3

clouds tutorial u can check here :…
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What colors do you use when painting them on the overlay layer in step 4? Also, I would LOVE to include a touch of pink in my night sky artwork, but when I add the pink shade that I like when using your method in step 4, it comes out looking rather blue. Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this? What I mean by adding a touch of pink is by the example image down below. I am NOT referring to the small bit of the sunset in the lower left corner. I am talking about the slight pink tinge that is mixed in with the stars and the green Northern Lights on the right.

Do you have any tips on how to incorporate your style to add in a slight touch of pink like in this example? Any advice you could offer me would be great!

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Thanks, I'll try this out.
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aaa the atmosphere X3 like it so much!
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"Draw some clouds" Yep, I'm already lost.
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Used for day clouds:
Last days of summer by vicfania8855

How did you decorate the sky in the 4th step please? Did you just dodge and burn some areas?
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i have a question !
in firstly first part how we should draw gradation of colors
i really dont know how to do it XD
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thank you
hmm just use tool gradasion in Photoshop from  the bottom upwards
i hope u understand
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You're funny and amazing. This tutorial is so helpful!
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thank you ^^
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Thank you sensei
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u welcome  
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Thanks a lot for this tutorial, it's pretty helpful :)
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i glad can help u  ^^
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That's really good! Thanks for sharing ^^
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u welcome :3
keep trying
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holy cow
this is amazing! <3
thanks for sharing, i'll definitely try this~
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yeah u welcome
keep and keep trying 
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YAS! Love it when you do these, super super helpful! XD
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