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How to i make Sea ^^

Hello everyone ^^/ Im sorry im a little bit late

Looks like i skip last sunday im sorry . Since im in the middle of exams right now
 So today i will share some tips about how to paint water ( more likely to draw sea ) Today im using adobe photoshop
 Im share my brush . Im only use this one brush
for brush dowload here…

step by step :
1. Paint some gradient color u want

2. Paint while color as the basic lightning for the sea . U can use some smooth brush in here.

3. Detailing the while color before with the brush i gave to you .This uses a flat brush, on the lines following the pattern of the waves

4. Draw some wave or water reflection like this sample . Then paintmore brighter color in the picture . U could gradient or others ( im only draw the sky in the background)

5.add more detail like the same process before ( draw the line one by one . And add the reflection of the lightning )

6 add some decoration in the background .( stone / forest / sky anything u like to draw ) and done !
u can do it

i hope this can help u ^^/
like my page to :…
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umm, ik this is a super old tutorial, but the dropbox link for the custom brush doesnt work?
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This is so useful! Thank you!
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beautiful! too bad i still lack the  skill to make it look sighly similar to this!  NOOOO sobbing - crying 
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Thank you for this!
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My goodness, this is so beautiful! <3
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We can also do it on MS Paint?
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i do this in photoshop, because i need more angle brushes
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Shouldnt it be "How DO I make sea" ?
Great tutorial :D
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Or How to make a sea, and I agree. 
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Mind blown.
Thankyou for this. C:
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Your welcome ^^/
im happy this can help 
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Thank you for making this! It looks amazing :D
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your welcome ^^ ,
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