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How to i Make a Grass

i hope this can help u ^^/
just simple tutorial Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] 

if u not undestand u can ask and comment here Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 

see my page too :
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even tho i will never probably use sai,this tutorial was huge help and it was really nice of you to share with us
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Really helpful thanks! :D But what are your brush settings for the foliage? 
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hehe looks like a bush :P
i will use this to make bushes, and grass just you wait
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is actualy i use default brush :3/
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thanks so much for this tutorial btw I definetely want to use this technique in one of my pieces ! 
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your welcome
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really good :) I liked how you used a blue hue to make the grass and it still looks like grass!
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wow thanks a lot!! where can i find the brushes?!
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this just i use Defauld brushes
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Very good your tutorial, I love it.I have a question, do you have a brush for paint grass for Paint tool sai for paint, please?
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ur welcome. actualy i just use default brush , and i brush like that image in 2 step. 1 by 1 , wwkwk 
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Ohw, I see.Thank you for your tutorial.It helped me so much!
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looks like grass in anime, I like it 
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This is very helpful thank you
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it easy *0*
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Oh man this is so useful *o* 
Trying to paint bushes but the suck ._. this is going to be so helpful! Thanks 
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thank you i glad  this can help ^^
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its simple, but usefull thankyou :D
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I totally love the render ! I will try this too : )
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