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How to I make A Cloud ^^

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hello all im back again for tutorial ^^/ stare Jreng stare Jreng stare jreeeng 

prior to that I beg you to please do not forget to give a little respect on my page Fun ^ ^ / thanks
here my funpage :  Love in the Air…;Love in the Air 

Today i want to share about how im paint the cloud

i hope its going to be usefull for u guys
Program : paint tool sai
1. Coloring the background  Use a little bit darker blue ( u can use bucket tool ) . The color switch is on the right one

2. Still in the same layer  Draw more brighter colour ( u can use pen or brush  Feel free ) the more u go down the more brighter color u paint 

3. Make it blend So you can feel the gradient. ( there is my bush. Blend setting for it )

4. Make a new layer . Do some rough sketch for the cloud ( feel free how the cloud sketch going look like ) im using ' spread brush ' for this one

5. Give it some detail
! ( still using spread brush but with more higher opacity ) lets detailing . The white color i use for the brighter place . The blue one to give it some dark dimension . ( u can see the sample on its right )

6. Voila its done
I hope it help you well
Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
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