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Making Wara Ningyo

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As a beyond birthday cosplayer, I know wara ningyo are a major resource for Beyond. So, I decided I needed to make the prop for a video idea I had, and in the process, made this tutorial for any other BB cosplayers who want thier own wara ningyo.
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this is still awesome! Im going to make a couple for my friends ^^ -can never cosplay as BB because I have really long hair-
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Thanks! I've been looking for a way to make these everywhere! :3
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Thanks so much for this! I didn't want to have to find a place to buy pre-made ones.
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oh my gosh, this is extremely helpful. I'm going to my first con as BB, so I want to out due myself as much as possible. Thanks!~
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Thanks so much! I really needed this!
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AWESOME!! THis guide is helpful!!! I am going to make one for my Beyond cosplay! :3
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Thank you so much :heart:
I was looking everywhere for some Wara Ningyos to nail to my walls and now I found this... it's awesome <3
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You're welcome! Sorry for the delayed responce
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I'm so gonna try this!
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*pokes images* did the flash die mid way? It's really hard to see the later pictures which sucks as those were the key ones and I was hoping to fav this tut to make a bunch of these for mum and friends.[link]
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Sorry about that. Even without the images, the instructions themselves are simple
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and also, for the Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay
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Yuppe! I'm using this for my Ai cosplay :)
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cheap i know grandmother has tons of pine trees and she wants to get rid of most of the needles that fall off (they're usually a brownish orange when they do) would those work in place of straw?
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they're kind of short, but maybe
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i should try this for my BB cosplay!! ^_^
thanks for sharing this!! :D
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Haha! This is fantastic! Thanks ever so for making this!
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I absolutely love this because there aren't many other resources on how to make one of these. x.x Thank you so much.
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You're welcome. ^^
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omg yay thank you so much ive been looking everywhere for something like this! :hug:
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