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Twilight Sparkle: Studying Hanukkah

"Honestly, Spike does not know what he is missing! This Hanukkah holiday is very interesting and rich in history. Let's see, I just lit the menorah for the first day, so now I get to play with the dreidel. Oh! What's this about chocolate gelt? That sounds very interesting to learn about! Oh, and potato pancakes? This is going to be so fun! I really don't see what Spike is doing to miss this!"


More holiday art, this time touching a bit on my ancestor's traditions. Since Hanukkah is on the eighth this year, why not have some pony art to celebrate? And who better than everyponies favorite egghead? I really can see Twilight Sparkle studying about different traditions and holidays. Also, I was inspired by :icon123hamster:'s art work of humanized Twilight Sparkle (here and here) to go with Twilight being Jewish if she was human (though I do think if she was human, she could easily be Indian [as in India] or Filipino). And even if she's not, she would love to learn.

This was really fun to draw, but alas, I must get better and random objects like tables, books and, in this case, menorahs. One step at a time, right?

Twilight Sparkle belongs to My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was made for television by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:

The songs that I listened to while drawing this:

"Nothing But The Sky" by Ivy
"Hotel Yorba" by The White Stripes
"Every Time" by The Radio Dept.
"Mountain Song" by Jane's Addiction
"Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap
"Cutie Chaser (Morning Mix)" by CLUB SPICE
"De-Luxe" by Lush
"VinterNoll2" by Kent

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Well makes sense since her cutie mark is the star of David

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Can she fight Hitler?

DGCinfoKitty's avatar

You do not ((())) Autist Horse!

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Looks like someone beat me to the fact that Tara Strong is Jewish. ^^; She even showed up late at a ponycon because she was attending a bar mitzvah previously. While I'm not Jewish (though I consider the Jews like cousins in my faith), I celebrate Hanukkah every year with a menorah and baked latkes (having gallstones prevents the traditional method). Here's to our dear Twilight and her continual search for knowledge and wisdom.
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
Yes, yes she is. And she is just quite awesome to say the least.

And I just found it would be fun to draw Twi studying a holiday, particularly one that I have some ancestral ties to.
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I always thought that Twilight s cutiemark looks like david star :P
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
Well, it's not exactly like it, but when drawing her cutie mark, the thought did come to my mind as well.
neme567's avatar
Why Filipino?

(Not trying to be mean, just curious.)
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
I don't know. I just get a feeling like that. I see my best friend (who is FIlipino) and Twilight having so many similar qualities and traits. Guess it's just how I see her. We all have opinions on such.
neme567's avatar
Ok. Besides, I wonder how Twilight would react to the myths, especially that feared horse creature.
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
Well, again, just my opinion of such.
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Shalom! Hanukkah starts tonight! There's just one thing wrong with this picture: menorah candles are lit from right to left, the same way one would read the Hebrew alphabet.
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
Oh darn. Well, it was done last year and didn't think much of it. So sorry!
elr79655's avatar
No offense. By the way, I do agree with the conversation below about Twilight being Jewish because Tara Strong is Jewish.
nicolushka's avatar
She is? Omg! Now a know a ton of Jewish Celebrities. I wonder because I am Jewish. XD
MagicClare's avatar
Someday I'll figure out why grown adults like to look at ponies doing... everything imaginable.
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
Because ponies make things 20% cooler/cuter/funner....yes....funner....
MagicClare's avatar
Well, they are undeniably cute. "Funner"? Not a word, my friend! Cool? In your comic, absolutely... but otherwise? I don't know. Guess I'll have to keep an open mind and find out...

Merry Christmas to you!

~Gia :rose:
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
And happy holidays to ya.

- Joseph
MagicClare's avatar
Hi Joseph,

Just visited your Profile page and see that you are a person of many interests! What do you like to write about most? (Am a poet myself.)

~Gia :rose:
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
You know, it may sound odd, but I like to write about almost anything that could be of interest in some possible way. Like I have stories that can be considered to be modern sci-fi, historical, western, adventure, superhero-esqe, horror, romance, and just so much other things. Sometimes, I just listen to music and I get inspired to write a story. Sorry, kind of rambling. But to put it simply, I love to write for unique characters, making them seem realistic or even real.
MagicClare's avatar
Excellent! This doesn't sound odd to me at all! :-) I'd like to read some of your work. :rose:
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