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What is a Closed Species?

A Closed Species is a race of creature or humanoid character that an artist makes and distributes to the community in the form of adoptables or MYO slots. Typically closed species are monitored very closely by their creators and all official characters that are members of said species will be cataloged on a "Masterlist"

A Closed species character is distinguished from a regular OC by the lore and world to which they belong. A general character is created and exists in whatever world they are created for. A Harry Potter OC exists in the world that the Harry Potter books have established. Your OC can exist in a world you created for them. A Closed Species OC exists (canonically) in the world their creator made for them.

What a CS is NOT:

A closed Species is not a way to exclude people or make them feel unwanted. They are not a way to make a "quick buck" and they are not just artists "being greedy". Artists, like anyone else, need to be able to eat and pay their bills. If they can accomplish that by selling their artwork, regardless of medium, then they're going to do it. You cannot tell someone that worked very hard on their concepts that they have to allow it to be used for free just because you can't afford it. This is also not a place to debate this and all negative comments on this page will be hidden.

Terms to know:

CS - Closed Species
OS - Open Species
OC - Original Character
MYO - Make Your Own
DTA - Draw to Adopt
OTA - Offer to Adopt
F2U - Free to Use
P2U- Pay to Use
YCH - Your Character Here


:bulletpink: Please put either [OPEN] or [CLOSED] at the beginning of your deviation and journal titles. This helps admins when we clean out the folders. If the marker is at the end it usually gets cut off.
:bulletpink: No political or hateful comments should be made anywhere on the group page or on the adopts within this group.
:bulletpink: No NSFW artwork will be accepted.
:bulletpink: NO OFF-BRAND SPECIES If I find out you are selling stolen or offbrand adopts in my group you will be blocked.


:bulletred: :bulletred: Trait Sheets :bulletred: :bulletred:

These folders are for strictly informational deviations and journals that explain your species and its traits, abilities, rarity, etc.

Open Species - Trait sheets for OPEN Species only! This means that anyone is allowed to make an OC of these species without asking permission or having a

Closed Species - Trait sheets for CLOSED Species only! This means you need permission or a MYO slot to create a character of these species.

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: Adopts :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

These folders are for NEW adopts by species owners or approved designers being sold for the first time.

Points - Adopts being sold for DA points.

Paypal - Adopts being sold for real money.

Auctions - Any auctions, regardless of currency.

OTA - Adopts up for offers (can be points, money, art, etc)

DTA - Adopts you have to draw in order to win.

Other - Anything else, Gachas, Mystery adopts, eggs, whatever.

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Journals :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

ALL journals go in one of these folders. Unless your journal is a trait sheet somehow but other than that... all journals... here.

Reselling - Anyone with a previously adopted character that they want to resell or trade. Doing a character purge? It goes here. Want to give away a bunch of sparkledogs you have lying around? It goes here too.

Ads - Anyone wanting to advertise an event. Is your species running a MYO event? That journal you had to make to join someone else's MYO event? Ads for raffles and whatever else also go here.

Seeking - Any journals where you are LOOKING for something in particular. Whether it be a specific adopt, species, or a new admin for your group, it goes here.

Commissions - All Commission price journals! If you want to commission an artist, this is the place to look!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Bases :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

These folders are for blank bases of any type.

F2U - Bases you can freely download and use.

P2U - Bases you need to buy to use.

YCH - Bases you need to buy and the artist will fill it in for you.

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Non-Adopt Artwork :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Any and all artwork of your Closed Species characters! Show them off and have fun! Artwork in here is NOT FOR SALE IN ANY WAY.
All folders have been entirely cleared, please resubmit your adopts.
I'm also going to add a folder for commission price journals. So if you're looking to commission anyone or wanna see whose comms are open it'll be in there.
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Groups that revolve around Closed Species. Go check em out!! :D






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Locatlbranch Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Hello! I created some species  Locatl sheet by Locatlbranch im just interested, would someone adopt this animals?
Anrig Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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(Open) Adopt Auction #85 Moonflower by Anrig
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[AUCTION OPEN] by Patronirit  
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AAutumnDrawzz Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2021… can someone check this?? If it looks like another closed species tell me
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Allow me to receive ideas to make a CS under the recommendation of a friend owo
Lukky Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2021  Student Digital Artist
I am not sure what you are asking here. The group is open for anyone to join!
galvezs Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2021  Professional Filmographer
I'm a little new to the adoptables scene and am considering making a closed species. Would this be a good place to get critique on a species I am designing? Basically I'm trying to get to know my target audience. I have a race of mammal-like reptiles, and am wondering if the race should skew animalistic or anthropomorphic. Like, my biggest question is if deviantart users prefer anthro body plans (like whether creatures with human-like hairstyles vs realistic fur, upright vs sprawling, or females being, uh, "chested" vs more streamlined)
Lukky Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2021  Student Digital Artist
It really depends on what you want to create. Make a species for YOU to enjoy. Something you want to draw and look at a lot. The divide between anthro and quad designs afaik is fairly even. I personally prefer the animalistic or the heavy-furred anthro designs, but I also see plenty of designs get sold that just look like a person with a tail or something.
Rather than "figuring out" your target audience you should pick the target audience you want, and go from there.
galvezs Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2021  Professional Filmographer
Sorry for sounding sort of cynical, haha. So you're saying there's just as much of a market for non-anthro than for more animalistic?
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