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Coversutra 2.1.2 for CAD

This is a CoverSutra 2.1.2 clone for CD Art Display:


Use it with Winamp or itunes or a lot of other media players.

3 versions: All as close as possible (for me) to the original Coversurta for Mac.

EDIT: You should install these font pack:


EDIT2: Updated with pressed buttons, like original.
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Fonts please. link is down

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Just copy the whole CAD folder and rename it to CAD2 or CAD tooltip or whatever and just run the second exe.
Can even have the same name, but I have renamed it to identy them in taskmanager.
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Nice, there's no way to run more than one at the same time though such as the tooltip and default one, is there?
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CAD displays the data of itunes or Winamp.
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great! :+fav: Do I need any extra programs to run CAD? Thanks! ^^
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Sieht klasse aus :)
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Very nice! DLing now, thanks for a great port!
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Cool port man !
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Very nice. Could be a lot better. Making the buttons interact and stand out, and little more transparency. Not sure if CAD supports all the different frames. Might look into it myself.
Using this now and like I said, it's very nice.
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simple but classy, i like it :)
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