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Update 1: WIP Stained Glass RB

Work in progress:

Update 1: Increased size, fixed minor errors.

To do: Add clouds, improve lighting effects. I originally based Rainbow Dash off of her stained glass image in season 2: [link] but I might change this to her real colors.

A request from potaoman101 [link]

"And if possible Rainbowdash doing a sonic-rain-boom pl0x cause she is just awesome like that. (no problem if you can't)"

I was thinking this has been done in so many epic ways already that there's no way to make this unique. Then I thought of the stained glass windows in the latest episode and this happened.

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
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I wonder what's with those writings stand for.
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It's Equestrian for LOYALTY AND PASSION and as you can see to the right is her symbol of loyalty. :D
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It's one beautiful stain glass to have that in the castle.
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Cheers! I was thinking of including the whole scene, from Rarity's burnt wings in the sun, the Cloud colosseum all the way down to the 4 falling figures of The Wonderbolts and Rarity but I don't know if this could all fit onto one stain glass.
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In one stain glass may not do, but as separate windows are much better. But in this case, you can try, but stain glass is very difficult as it's a mosaic art, very difficult to fit small parts in.
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This looks great!

However, if you intend to turn this into an actual glass work, I could point you to some design guides as some of your shapes would be very difficult to make and very fragile. Otherwise, if its going to remain a vector keep up the good work.

Either way, I can't wait to see the finished product!
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Thanks! It's my first time designing a stain glass work so any help would be appreciated. I never thought about turning it into an actual glass work but that sounds like a brilliant idea, send me a note on those design guides :)
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