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The Kiss

A wise man once said: "If a donkey can get with a dragon (Shrek) then its only a matter of time till a pony will"

Normally shipping isn't my thing but this had to be done, my first animation with Flash.

Original comic made by :iconchibi95: you can see it here: [link]

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
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Nothings happening..
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music from shrek XD
LexiMaster's avatar
The first time if you click he will kiss the wall and if you click it the second time it will work.
lpsgirl111's avatar
it does not work only spike kisses the wall XD
lpsgirl111's avatar
whats the point about this
Sweater01's avatar
6dash9dash95's avatar
oooo :D i love it :squee: and ooo what font did you use?? the one with all the hearts in it?? :P
jndturner's avatar
dosen't want to work.
Leaf-The-Liolf's avatar
For some reason, it doesn't work,all well. XD
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Sweet Celestia this is late, I completely forgot about this animation, its because I made the file too big.
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SuperBrony79's avatar
This is so stupid! but i <3 it!
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Haha that's the whole point :iconimhappyplz:
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X3 That was awesome.
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its not working!
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Try right-clicking on the image and see if "Play" comes up in the list of options, if it does'nt work, I dunno what's wrong. :P
ninistuff's avatar
lolit worked now so graet and awsome!! plus the music just adds too it!!
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