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Favourite Visual Artist
I really like Tony Diterlizzi, his Planescape art was a great influence on me, he and Osamu Tezuka
Favourite Movies
Anything that has SF, F or Horror in it, but it has to be good (older stuff basicaly)
Favourite Writers
Old classics of SF&F like: H. P. Lovecraft, H. G. Wells, F. Herbert, T. Pratchett and others...
Favourite Games
Board Games: Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter, anything from Shin Megami Tensei line
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 and Nitendo DS
Tools of the Trade
Water colors, markers, pencils, colored and black inks...
Other Interests
Drawing, SF&F&Horror (Doctor Who and Lovecraft), RPGs (Planescape), Board Games, etc...
With the Dungeon Stories, Gauntlets and Goblins and Mighty Scout Leaders done for a while I've got some time to take on some commissions. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a message and we'll sort something out. Just a reminder that I work in traditional media, so pencils, inks, watercolours and markers are on offer. My process is that we start discussing what you need and how large the piece would be and then we sort out the price and I supply you with sketches for approval. Upon approval I commit to the piece, ink it and color it if wanted. Any art can be mailed to the commisioner if they so prefer it. Please note that at this time, I'm only taking commissions and not requests. Expect more previews of these lovely new tabletop games I've been working on over the coming days.
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Times change...

1 min read
It's been a while with updates, but a scanner has been sorted and due to some lucky happenstances I've started working on a number of exciting projects as designer and artist. Expect a bit more updates from me as well as some awesome previews of the work that I've been up to. Please note that at this time, I'm not taking requests or doing any free work.
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Eberron A Go Go

0 min read
So, Last few months we've put one of our ongoing games on hiatus, and started playing a regular D&D 5E game set in Eberron. We're having some insane fun as a bunch of "actors" who have to play very real fights, stunts and insanity for the picky crowds in Sharn. So far we've gotten framed for a diplomatic incident by the Emerald Claw, saved maidens from the Cults of Dragon Below, fought of crazed fans, traded with Gnolls for the green spicy sauce, fought of Sahuagin and their giant sea monsters and got into more mayhem then should be possible. The Cast: Ulf of Kundrak - a house Kundrak clerk that wanted to go to the big city and do som
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Hello, do you take request?

What kind of art do you accept/don't accept?

Not at this time.

But, for me request would be someting simple that can be done on single peice of paper with pencil or marker in 5 to 10 miinutes, no colours or multiple characters.

I do not accept not safe for work art, and I avoid fetish art.

(To easch it own, just I'm not comfortable with it, and there are people who are much better at that than I).

Can I make a fart rocket comic request please

I'm sorry but no. I simply do not have time to do free requets.

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Hey there please don't block me I created this name from a bad moment

Will you message me if you're open again?