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G'day everyone!
Clok-Roo reporting!

I'm just a simply Australian guy who likes video games. Reason I'm here is to show off some of my ideas related to video games.

Whether it's a design document, a script, or anything else that can be related, this is where I will be posting stuff that I want to show the world!

Hope you enjoy what you find!

I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

Favourite Games
Whatever I fancy!
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Tools of the Trade
Keyboard, Mouse, PlayStation Controller, and me noggin!
If anyone wants to join my 'Team' in Crash On The Run, the team name is "Clok-Roos Gang." (Team full a.t.m.)
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As many of you who have been watching me probably know, I have been doing quite a fair bit of fanart about Miles "Tails" Prower and Coco Bandicoot - the 'Tailsco' ship as I have started calling it. (More so because the person who coined it as a ship name deleted their account a few months back.) One thing I would like to do in the future is start one of those 'ship artwork week challenge' things that have been going on for a few years now. You know, the sort where over a week as series of prompts is given out day-by-day and you have to draw artwork of the pairing that matches the prompt. Of course, that's difficult because this is still quite a small ship and I'm pretty much the ONLY person doing artwork of it... So I've decided to flip the script! Later this year, I'm going to do an entire weeks worth of artwork dedicated to this ship in accordance to prompts YOU give me. That's right: I want you guys to GIVE ME prompts to work with. If I like your prompt, I'll note it down and then
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To all Crash Bandicoot shipping-artists out there... TAG YOUR FREAKING WORK! Since the start of the new year, I've been trying to build up the Crash Bandicoot rapport over on the Shipping Wiki, since the shipping scene in the series has started to take off in recent years. (Thank you Nitro-Fueled.) But I can't do that if the artwork isn't tagged into a category! It doesn't even have to be a specified portmanteau name - though we could do with a few of those now, I think. Just a simple "[character1]x[character2]" tag is sufficient. This is important because 'Fandom' links are required to create the pages, for which DeviantArt tags count. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to make some pages when either a link doesn't exist or barely has any art in it?! Plus, think about the people who would LIKE to see art of a specific ship. Do you know how hard it is to find when their is no 'tag' to quicken the process?! So do me a favour... DO EVERYONE A FAVOUR! ... Sorry. I just... had
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