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Metterix - creature design

By Cloister
Another creature concept from 2013 creeping up on you. 
This is the Metterix 

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You may use 1 to 50 of the Cloister Catalogue Creatures in your product in return for royalties on the revenue/turnover from that product: 

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26-50 Creatures - 25% royalty

Make sure to contact me through before you go ahead and publish or use these creatures as concepts. 
There is a simple contract to be signed, and a few simple terms.

This image is delivered in a layered PSD-file with the creature, shadow, and background on separate layers. A PNG file and a JPG file are also included. All files are 7000 x 3938 pixels.   
See the CCC folder for more Cloister Catalogue Creatures. 

/Nicholas Cloister
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aaaaaaaaaaaaa what a cute centipede monster! I want oneeeeeeee
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I wonder if you have any back stories to these creatures, like physiognomy, habitat, mating habits, etc... I'm a writer and if you're interested, it'd be cool to work together and make some up. Let me know!
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I actually have stats, info and descriptions to most of my creatures. The description for the one above reads:

The Metterix, a unique species, lived in an isolated valley,
long ago. There too, lived a race of beings, called
the Feth’Nemons. It was they who collected the Metterix
young, and inscribed upon them all a prayer of
protection. As the Metterix grew, the prayers entered
their minds, and by its power they turned to serve the
Feth’Nemons, guarding their sacred shrines and temples.
The black writings of the Nemons, placed along
the entire sides of the Metterix, were not only intended
to control the giant centipedes, but also to function as
living prayers. Whenever the creatures circled the temples
the prayers were “read” anew, strengthening their
protective power.

The valley where the Metterix once lived has since been
destroyed by volcanic eruptions, and the Feth’Nemon
culture has perished. Whether due to their size, or
because of the protective power of the writings, many
Metterix survived. With a life span of a thousand years,
the remaining creatures have spread across the world,
and are now drawn to the sanctity of temple architecture,
to fulfill their destiny as sentinels. Some have
attacked and taken over active places of worship, while
others have made a den for themselves in old ruins.

No longer fed, the Metterix eat whatever meat they
find. Their hot paralyzing tentacles are used to render
their prey harmless, before they tear into the flesh with
their pincers and jagged front sets of feet. In battle they
throw their heads back and forth tearing into attackers
with the axe-like horns on their sides. Their lower jaws
are long, and can rotate to produce great gapes, but the
creatures rarely bite while their prey are still alive.

The single, central eye of the Metterix doesn’t see details
well, but make out movements, which set the inquisitive
creatures into action. Staying close to their guarded
location, the Metterix feed on all who approach to still
their hunger, and if the structure is big enough, they
move inside during the night.

These creatures fight fearlessly until the end to defend
their temples. Only one Metterix will be be found at any
single location, and since the Feth’Nemons intervened,
the species hasn’t bred. They are still protected by the
hallowed magic of their authors, which give them an
advantage when dodging blows and reflecting hits.

Metterix have no discernible scent, and are surprisingly
silent considering their size. The sting of their tentacles
injects a burning venom which causes great pain, and
may paralyze a victim for several minutes. Metterix
flesh is toxic, which efficiently relieves them of natural
enemies. With a very efficient metabolism, the Metterix
survive on relatively little food and water.

(Feel free to make up your own descriptions and stories to my creature art (but don't sell them, unless we make a deal first))
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I like how it's mixed with a centipede and a manta ray it seems
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I'll need biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig newspaper. ;-)
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such a beautiful creature... your gallery is so perfect...
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Many thanks, vinesaw! 
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Very cool. Looks like your patrons are getting a good deal.
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These are old creatures - from the MonstersByEmail period. The patrons are receiving new stuff. 
Thanks, Joe! 
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I'm glad you like it. 
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this one is really well done :D I like ypur project :)
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Great, thanks!
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