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Ghidjarin - Creature Concept

By Cloister
A winged creature invented, designed, and drawn in 2013 - It's the Ghidjarin.

Support the making of new life forms over at

Pledge $0.50 per beast and you'll receive well-written creature descriptions and rpg-friendly stats.
For $2 per critter you'll get high-res image and pdf-files.   


Non-exclusive publishing rights: $100/creature

Don't have a budget?
You may use 1 to 50 of the Cloister Catalogue Creatures in your product in return for royalties on the revenue/turnover from that product: 

1-2 Creatures - 1% royalty 
3-5 Creatures - 2% royalty 
6-10 Creatures - 3% royalty 
11-15 Creatures - 5% royalty 
16-25 Creatures - 10% royalty 
26-50 Creatures - 25% royalty

Make sure to contact me through before you go ahead and publish or use these creatures as concepts. 
There is a simple contract to be signed, and a few simple terms.

This image is delivered in a layered PSD-file with the creature, shadow, and background on separate layers. A PNG file and a JPG file are also included. All files are 7000 x 3938 pixels.   
See the CCC folder for more Cloister Catalogue Creatures. 

/Nicholas Cloister
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really nice artwork, you may interested in our Contest
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Very cool. I love the creatures wide regal form. It's very imposing.
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I feel like I want one of these as a pet, to ride places and just freak people out in general, but...

I also feel that it's like, super tiny. Like maybe ferret sized, but thinks itself this huge, imposing monster, feared far and wide, when really... everyone just thinks its so god damned cute they can't even

tiny but ferocious
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Best one yet, I swear to God.
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Really?! Thank you, SkyHighDisco! 
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Your super welcome! ;p
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This is definatley one of my favourites.
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Great! Thank you!
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Dragon-like: enough so to get categorized as such, later today. Thanks for sharing - as usual, I'll be passing along/sharing in hopes that more folks take notice.
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I'm really happy to hear that, Norski. Very much appreciated! Cheers!
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Thanks, Stangil!
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Capcom should hire this guy.
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It's really rare that major game houses outsource work to freelance artists, and I'm unable to relocate... so I don't apply for jobs in the game industry (unless remote work is an option). You're otherwise right of course... ; )
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Thanks, quiroz2!
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So this is a digital painting? It looks like a 3d model. Sweet!
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Digital.. yes. 100% photoshop. 
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