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Dungeon level 1 - creature concept B: Ne'fean



Here is the first humanoid creature to be encountered in the dungeon. It primarily sticks to the dark and humid level 2, but a few outcasts dwell on level 1.

Principle nr 6: Extremely few encounters are directed in this game. All creatures have their habits and move here and there to do this and that. You may come upon a sentry, just to find that they are changing guards right now (twice as many hostiles). One of these Ne'fean migh decide to go up the stairs to level 1 just when you are passing the great plant.

The Ne'fean are 4 to 5 feet tall, and behave much like your average goblin. They like water and fish and tend to seek out subterranean waterways to build their lairs. They communicate through rasping and hissing sounds, and are agile, quick, and stealthy. They lead simple lives in clans ruled by a shaman class.
(concept will come, later).

They have several nasal holes in their skull, and an excellent sense of smell.

Here is a [link] to the beginning of this adventure!

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Into Dungeons Deep we go...
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