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Dronhedon - creature concept


Non-exclusive publishing rights: $100/creature

Don't have a budget?
You may use 1 to 50 of the Cloister Catalogue Creatures in your product in return for royalties on the revenue/turnover from that product: 

1-2 Creatures - 1% royalty 
3-5 Creatures - 2% royalty 
6-10 Creatures - 3% royalty 
11-15 Creatures - 5% royalty 
16-25 Creatures - 10% royalty 
26-50 Creatures - 25% royalty

Make sure to contact me through before you go ahead and publish or use these creatures as concepts. 
There is a simple contract to be signed, and a few simple terms.

This image is delivered in a layered PSD-file with the creature, shadow, and background on separate layers. A PNG file and a JPG file are also included. All files are 7000 x 3938 pixels.   
See the CCC folder for more Cloister Catalogue Creatures. 

/Nicholas Cloister
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Glacialwolf13's avatar
these should be put in the game " Monster Hunter"
great job!
Unialien's avatar
It's beautiful this creature...! Excellent job! This one is the best...! :D
xXxshadowsneakxXx's avatar
this guy looks very deadly. I love its arms, they look like they could be used as blades and fins.
joeltonongkh's avatar
blow me away...remind of those creature in Final Fantasy game. yes, you are at that standard. congrats you got your DD. definitely deserve it.
enemcore's avatar
just epic! congrats!
Soulslayer317's avatar
veuliahzg's avatar
Angela239's avatar
Very badass sea monster! :o
NocturnalSea's avatar
I'd love to know more about this creature's history. One of my favorite parts about your beasts is the level of background detail you put into them.
Roberts-The-Vile's avatar
Really liking the serpentine things lately.
TomaHarrisaw's avatar
Reminds me of Eelektross ^^
Dozen13's avatar
Not-worth-it's avatar
For a second, I thought the creature's right wing was its bottom jaw. I have never been so confused in my life.
Cloister's avatar
Hehe. I can see it.
Not-worth-it's avatar
Haha, awesome. XD
Re3ellion's avatar
Kool~ 'From the depths I come'
darkdragon770's avatar
what a fascinating beast
Cloister's avatar
Thank you, darkdragon770! Fascinating is good. :)
darkdragon770's avatar
your very welcome :)
yes fascination is the key to imagination
E2x7u's avatar
how do you come up with names for these?
Cloister's avatar
Do you like the names?
E2x7u's avatar
yes, and I've always had issues coming up with names for creatures I think up of.
Just wondering where you get the ideas for them.
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