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:bulletblack: I was bored and had time on my hands. :P
:bulletwhite: Time that I thought could be put to good use. :)
To my watchers, idk any of you too well (yet!) but I'm in the mood for complimenting and you guys will work just fine! ;D

1. :iconriddlemaker: Her colorful anime drawings are sure to make you smile. <3
2. :iconartemisjadeprime: A wonderful photographer, especially when it comes to nature. <3
3. :iconkullerauge: Her art style looks so professional. <3
4. :iconm0rningra1n: She takes photos of the coolest (and most random) things! <3
5. :icontiffanyleanne: Her pixel art is way adorable. <3
6. :iconjackeavesart: His art skills are unbelievable.... to say the least! <3
7. :iconmeaw-nia: Currently, does not have any deviations uploaded but is nice to chat with. <3 Correction! She just uploaded this beauty meaw-nia.deviantart.com/art/po… ; go ahead and :+fav: it, darlings!
8. :iconzoeywhite: A great photographer who is new to dA. <3
9. :icongothicvampirefreak: From poetry to photography to drawing -- this girl has talent! <3
10. :iconkisshufan555: Her drawings are so cute and happy looking. <3
11. :iconmissvenomgazex: The photos she takes of her cats are a pleasure to look at. <3
12. :iconalinacristina: Her photography is very beautiful, creative, imaginative -- I love it. <3
13. :icontorpedo43: He takes lovely photos of the sky and all its bubbly clouds! <3
14. :iconscarletflowerxxx: Her photos are of general things in life (sky, trees, etc.) and, yet, her photos are so beautiful. It makes you realize how beautiful the world is, naturally. <3
15. :iconmcrparade07: You'll find a little bit of everything in her gallery, really. <3
16. :iconchibi-mango: Her colorless pencil drawings are stunning; they're filled with so many details. <3
17. :icongeckogr: His photography is so bright and clear, it makes you feel almost as if you're in the photo. <3
18. :iconluciferica: She has 1000+ deviations, and I can't wait until I find the time to see them all; from the few photos I've seen of hers, I have pretty high hopes! <3

:bulletblack: I hope everyone likes what I said about them. ^^;
:bulletwhite: Click on my blog fashionpixeldolls.blogspot.com… , please? *begs*
:bulletblack: Okay, take care now, darlings! :peace: <3
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Ill be sure to check all these people out.
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Awesome, thanks -- I'm glad to hear that. :w00t: <3
ArtemisJadePrime's avatar
Aww! Thank you so much! :)
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Aww! You are so welcome! :hug: <3
Luciferica's avatar
Thanks so much!..Great blog.
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Aww, and :iconthankiesplz: so much for the blog visit. :iconpinklilyplz: It means a lot to me, darling. :huggle: <3
GothicVampireFreak's avatar
Thank you so much! :blackrose: :heart: :tighthug: :meow:
You've made my day! :)
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Haha, sure thing, but seriously, it was no trouble -- and you're easy to compliment. ;) :D <3
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How nice you are! Thank you! <3 ^.^
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Hehe, well, it's easy to say nice things about nice people -- and you're highly welcome. :hug: <3
RiddleMaker's avatar
D'aaaaaaaaaw thank you ^w^

Drawing because it is fun!
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Of course, darling. :iconredbullglompplz: <3
MissVenomgazeX's avatar
Awwe, you're so sweet. (:
Cloe-Bowie's avatar
Hmm, well, I try! :D :P Hehe, and so are you! :iconattackglompplz: <3
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